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Christian Fundamentalist Goes To Science Museum To ‘Audit’ Its Liberal Bias, Makes Ass Of Self (VIDEO)

Image via YouTube

A creationist’s visit to a local science museum ends in anger, and lots and lots of stupidity.

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Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera Reads Messages From Viewers, Discovers They Are ‘Hateful, Ignorant And Racist’

Image via The Grio

Geraldo Rivera had an eye-opening experience recently when he finally bothered to read what some of his Fox News “fans” had been writing to him on social media.

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Rudy Giuliani On Fox: Black People Bring Tragedies Upon Themselves (VIDEO)

Screenshot via Raw Story

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani wasn’t allowed to get away with his racist bullsh*t on NBC on Sunday, so he appeared on Fox News so that no one could call him out on the air.

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SNL’s Sad Attempt At Bashing Obama Got Everything Wrong – And It Wasn’t Even Funny (VIDEO)

SNL’s Sad Attempt At Bashing Obama Got Everything Wrong – And It Wasn’t Even Funny (VIDEO)

Let’s hope pandering to conservatives with baseless Obama-bashing isn’t a new attempt to get conservatives to watch a struggling SNL. That’s pretty desperate.

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Dinesh D’Souza Calls Obama A ‘Spoiled Brat’ Who Needs To Be ‘Spanked’ (VIDEO)

Image via screengrab

“This president is lawless,” cried the conservative convicted felon currently on probation for election fraud.

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Supreme Court Justice Scalia Says He Doesn’t Feel Bad About People Losing Their Health Insurance

Image via Credo

In a single statement during a Supreme Court hearing, conservative Justice Antonin Scalia again demonstrated that he’s not only a poor example of a judge, he’s a poor example of a human being as well.

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Top 10 Quotes That Prove Neurosurgeon Ben Carson Doesn’t Have The Brain To Be President

Dr. Ben Carson gets a smack down from his own network when he tries to make a case for his running for president. 

Image Credit: The Raw Story

As a neurosurgeon, Carson is no doubt brilliant. But his various statements during his foray into the world of politics demonstrate that he doesn’t have the brain necessary to run the country as president.

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Urban Outfitters Sells Out Of Sexist Hillary Clinton Nutcracker

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like insulting a strong woman, right?

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Right-Wing Nut Alex Jones Loses It Over Net Neutrality Like His Pal Ted Cruz (VIDEO)

Alex Jones; image @RhymeAndReason

Right-wing loon Alex Jones added his own brand of insanity to the conservative war against net neutrality this week in a rant that demonstrates his complete ignorance of the issue. Oh, and he LOVES Ted Cruz.

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A Week After Re-Electing Brownback, Kansans Find Out He Screwed Them Over Financially A Whole Lot More

Image via

One week after re-electing Sam Brownback as their governor, Kansans are finding out the hard way just how bad of a decision they made.

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Pat Robertson: Single Mothers Should Be Forced To Get Married Or They Will Go To Hell (VIDEO)

Screen capture of Pat Robertson on his 700 Show from Right Wing Watch.

Pat Robertson attacked single mothers on Tuesday, warning that they’ll go to hell if they aren’t forced to get married.

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Conservative Saint Ronald Reagan Apologized For America As President (AUDIO)

Image via Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library

It’s been a consistent line of attack used by Republicans against President Obama to portray him as weak and un-American but new audio tapes reveal that the GOP’s beloved Ronald Reagan is the one who has actually apologized for America.

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GOP Fans Attack ‘F*cking B*tch’ Reporters For Going Live During Prayer (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Isiah Carey

“Keep in mind this is during a physical assault over interrupting a prayer. Where was Jesus in this room?”

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Listen: Michael Savage Calls On GOP To Impeach ‘Dictator’ Obama

Michael Savage. Courtesy of Chronicle / John O'Hara

Oh look, more calls for impeachment from the GOP. On his nationally syndicated radio show The Savage Nation, Michael Savage, using all of his expertise in psychology (hint: he doesn’t have any), diagnosed President Obama with megalomania and called on the new GOP Congress to impeach Obama before he seizes […]

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Pope Francis Demotes Anti-Gay Conservative American Cardinal…Again

Pope Francis; image@CatholicEWUK

Oh, how the mighty hateful conservative extremists of the Catholic Church have fallen.

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Fox News Doctor Who Regularly ‘Diagnoses’ Obama Gets Slammed By Medical Professionals (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Fox News Screengrab

The Fox psychiatrist who said that Michelle needed “to drop a few pounds” is finally getting what he deserves.

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Conservative Leader Brags That Supreme Court Citizens United Ruling Rigged The Election In Favor Of Republicans (VIDEO)

Image via Crooks and Liars

In yet another instance of Republicans spiking the football and rubbing salt in the wounds following their capture of the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, the conservative boss of the Citizens United organization bragged that the Supreme Court rigged the election perfectly for the GOP.

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Rush Limbaugh Admits Republicans Won’t Govern, Says Their Only Purpose Is To Hurt President Obama (AUDIO)

Illustration cc 2011 Donkey Hotey via Flickr.

Rush Limbaugh admitted during his show on Wednesday morning that Republicans aren’t going to govern because their only purpose is to, quote, “stop Obama.”

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National Review Warns Republicans Not To Govern Because It’s A ‘Trap,’ Says Focus On 2016 Instead

Photo: Composite by Elisabeth Parker (Admiral Ackbar - "Star Wars" screen grab; Mitch McConnell - cc 2013 Gage Skidmore via Flikr; cc 2007 NoClip via Wikimedia Commons).

Not even a day had passed after the 2014 Election came to a close, and it already looks like Republicans are preparing to NOT govern for the next two years.

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Fox News Forgets ‘Fair And Balanced,’ Shamelessly Celebrates GOP Election Win Like Hacks They Are

Fox News Forgets ‘Fair And Balanced,’ Shamelessly Celebrates GOP Election Win Like Hacks They Are

In the wake of last night’s election results, Fox News threw “Fair and Balanced” and any attempt to show themselves in such a context out the window and shamelessly celebrated the GOP victory.

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