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The Cost Of Living In Every Part Of The World In One Infographic (IMAGE)

In case you were curious, this is how much it costs to live in different parts of the world.

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These Windowless Planes Are The Future And They Look Amazing (VIDEO)

These windowless planes look cool and would help lower carbon pollution.

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In an interesting contradiction, Graham claims there's precedent for censoring the mail, but ignores precedents for stronger firearms legislation.

GOP Senator Lindsey Graham Takes Nation Hostage – Raise Social Security Retirement Age Or Else

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham would throw the country into an economic calamity that is expected to make 2008’s Great Recession look like a New Year’s Eve party if Republicans don’t get their way.

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Source – Fiscal Cliff Sees Major Setback (VIDEO)

Source – Fiscal Cliff Sees Major Setback (VIDEO)

CNN has reported that a Democratic source familiar with the fiscal cliff negotiations has said that talks have reached a “major setback.”

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