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Superhero-Loving Girl Gets Store To Change Its Gender-Specific Ads With One Perfect Expression

Image via Twitter

Don’t you dare tell this 7-year-old that her favorite superheroes are only for boys.

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LEGO’s Amazing Message To Parents Written All The Way Back In The 1970s (IMAGES)

Image via Reddit

Lego sets came with the most amazing message for parents in the 1970s.

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Missouri School Lets White Female Students Play Powder-puff Football Game In Full Blackface

Photo Credit: Riverfront Times

How could the principal and school officials let this happen?

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High School Teacher Scrutinized For Breastfeeding During Class (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Facebook

Do you think this teacher was right or wrong?

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Cop Uses Taser On High School Students To Break Up Fistfight (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: WKMG-TV Screengrab

Because of his heart condition, Tasing Jason Tidman could have been very dangerous. Do you think using the Taser on this kid was necessary?

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Teacher Killed And Skinned Rabbit In Front Of Horrified Classroom Of Students

Image via Wikipedia

A biology teacher went off-script and decided to give his students a rogue lesson in how to kill and skin a rabbit, just because.

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Right Wing Group Posts Disturbing, Doctored Photos From Anti-Gay ‘Science Fair’ For Kids (IMAGES)

image credit: Heterosexual Awareness Month

A disturbing hate group calling itself ‘Heterosexual Awareness Month’ uses doctored images to highlight their vision for educating America’s youth.

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Elementary School Singles Out ‘White Students’ In Letter To Parents (IMAGE)

Photo Credit: WTKR

Do you think the school should have handled this differently?

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Watch: College Students Struggle To Name Vice President, Ace Questions About Brad Pitt’s Love Life

Screengrab via YouTube

If these college kids represent our nation’s future, we may be in trouble.

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Former FBI Agent Paid $157,000 To Snoop On Black Students In Alabama Schools

Photo Credit: Alamy

Although African American students only make up 40% of this school system, 78% of expelled students are black.

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Teacher To Students: If I Had Only 10 Days To Live, I’d Kill All Black People (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: WAVY

An innocent discussion about “bucket lists” reveals horrifying racism.

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Real Life Superhero Malala Yousafzai Donates $50,000 Prize Money To Rebuilding Gaza Schools

Image via Individual learning Centre

Malala Yousafzai just won a ton of money for her human rights advocacy, and she’s giving it all away to help children in Gaza rebuild their schools. Of course, anyone who has been following her story knows that this sort of compassion is no surprise.

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African American Students Attacked And Bullied By Ebola-Fearing Classmates (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: NY1 YouTube Screengrab

“He was crying, laying on the floor, more than 10 children on top of him.”

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The Baby Boomers Are NOT The Reason Our Economy Sucks

The Baby Boomers Are NOT The Reason Our Economy Sucks

Pitting two generations against each other is the job of Fox News. It is not the job of Salon and the Internet.

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Clueless Parent Tries To Pay ‘Cool Black Kids’ To Hang Out With Bullied Son

Photo Credit:

Yes, this is an actual job listing on Craigslist.

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Texas’ Next Lt. Governor Thinks God Speaks to America Through Racist Homophobe Phil Robertson

Texas’ Next Lt. Governor Thinks God Speaks to America Through Racist Homophobe Phil Robertson

Texas’ next Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick, not only believes creationism should be in schools — but that God speaks to America through Duck Bigot Phil Robertson.

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Kindergarten Teacher Quits Job To Twerk On Vine.This Is Not A Happy Ending.

Image via Buzzfeed

The fact that a woman can make more money posting videos of herself twerking on the internet than she can teaching children is disgraceful, but it is also true.

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College Denies African Applicants Due To Ebola Fears (IMAGE)

Photo Credit: The Daily Beast

These letters were made public when 33-year-old Nigerian-American Idris Bello posted one of the rejection letters to Twitter.

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Angry Mom Wants Teacher Fired: Public School Classrooms Are NOT Like Nazi Death Camps

Ray Fournier claims public schools turn kids gay, evolution's against the bible, and classrooms are like Nazi death camps. And he's a teacher! Photo: Video screen grab/ABC 11.

Ray Fournier claims public schools turn kids gay, evolution’s against the bible, and classrooms are like Nazi death camps. And he’s a teacher!

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School Forces 5-Year-Old To Sign Suicide/Murder Contract Because Her Drawing ‘Resembled A Gun’ (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: WPMI

Rebecca is currently trying to get this incident removed from her daughter’s record.

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