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Republicans Tried To Kill The Clean Water Rule, But Obama’s Veto Pen Said ‘Hell No’

Republicans Tried To Kill The Clean Water Rule, But Obama’s Veto Pen Said ‘Hell No’

Congressional Republicans tried to gut the Clean Water Rule, but President Obama’s Veto Pen said “No.”

by John Prager· · News
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America’s First EPA Director Takes Republicans To The Woodshed For Denying Climate Science

Republicans are not going to like what Ronald Reagan’s Environmental Protection Agency Director said about them. That’s because the truth hurts.

by Stephen D Foster Jr· · News
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Right-Wing Governor’s Administration Falsified Documents, Rigged Tests In Flint Water Reports

Far from being a “mistake,” falsified documents, skewed testing and criminal conduct inside the administration of MI Governor Rick Snyder caused Flint’s poisoned water. Here’s the proof.

by Randa Morris· · News
What's worse? Pollution in China and Pollution in the US? Photo: Composite with Disaster Girl meme and Oill sullage tank explosion (cc 2011 Moshi Anahory via Wikimedia Commons).

The Terrifying Future Of Republican America Revealed In 27 Photos

The future of Republican America is terrifying, and we’ve got the photos to prove it.

by Elisabeth Parker· · News
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Drought Ravaged California Has Let Big Oil Pollute Drinkable Water Supplies Since 1983

The oil industry has been dumping enormous amounts of toxic wastewater into EPA protected aquifers since 1983… with cooperation from state regulators.

by Frank Minero· · News
    Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts greets President Barack Obama on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012, prior to the president’s State of the Union address. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) VIA WSJ

Upcoming Supreme Court Decisions Could Bring President Obama To His Knees In The New Year

2015 is about to ring in some major cases and should they go against the Administration’s position, they could cause major setbacks in the President’s agenda.

by Debi Johnson-Champ· · News
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Cruise Ships Dumped Over One Billion Gallons Of Sewage Into The Ocean In 2014

Some sh!tty news for our oceans… data from EPA also shows that “each day an average cruise ship is at sea it emits more sulfur dioxide than 13 million cars and more soot than one million cars.”

by Frank Minero· · News
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Supreme Court To Decide Whether EPA Must Weigh Costs Of Clean Air Before Regulating Utilities

The largest energy companies in the United States are seeking to have the Supreme Court limit the EPA’s ability to regulate under the Clean Air Act. Their issue: “What’s it going to cost us?” The public’s health is of little concern to them.

Who knew? Hippies have been responsible all along… @ HippieClothes

Bill O’Reilly Figures It Out, It’s Hippies Who Are Responsible For The Middle East Problem

‘Wouldn’t the hippies at the EPA cancel this program [ethanol mandates and subsidies] if it was contributing to chaos and disorder across the globe? Nope.’

by Lorraine Devon Wilke· · News
Supreme Court Agrees, EPA Has Right To Regulate Pollution

Supreme Court Agrees, EPA Has Right To Regulate Pollution

The Supreme Court’s decision today reaffirms the EPA and its role in preserving this nation, its natural beauty, and its resources for the generations to come.

by Nathaniel Downes· · News
New Studies Find A Link Between Crime And Pollution

New Studies Find A Link Between Crime And Pollution

Turns out Republican attacks on the EPA are actually attempts to increase the crime rate in the US.

by Nathaniel Downes· · News
ormer reporter Richard Ellers says he didn't appreciate the thickness of the pollution on Cuyahoga River until he dipped his hand into it. The photo was taken in the 1960s. Photo from The Plain Dealer’s archives.
Today, the Cuyahoga River is central to the redevelopment and urban planning efforts of towns and cities along its banks. Its sparkling water attracts tourists, fishing enthusiasts, kayakers, and other recreational users. Photo from Destination 360.

Clean Water Act Under Attack: Why We Need To Expand And Protect This Landmark Legislation

Before the Clean Water Act of 1972, our waterways were clogged with flammable, toxic sludge. Today, we take clean water for granted … but maybe not for long.

by Elisabeth Parker· · Current Issues, News
Cruise Ships Up In Arms Over New EPA Rules

Cruise Ships Up In Arms Over New EPA Rules

EPA sets down new rules prohibiting the use of high-sulfur fuel near the US Coast.

by Nathaniel Downes· · News