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Climate Deniers In Full Hate Mode As Bill Nye Links Climate Change And Texas Floods

The climate change deniers are out in full force against Bill Nye, and anybody else who links extreme weather to climate change.

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Wolverton, Cagle Cartoons

Deniers Of Man-Made Climate Change Shut Down Again, This Time On Reddit

Man-made climate change deniers were banned from a Reddit forum on science for uncivil discourse and lack of real science to support their positions.

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Australia's Bureau of Meteorology interactive weather map with new colors (courtesy of, plus Satan, because every thing's better with Satan.

‘Climate Change Is Real,’ Says Virtually Every Scientist In The World

A recent survey found that only 23 articles, out of nearly 14,000 on climate change, rejected anthropogenic climate change

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Moses, God’s proxy, wreaking extreme weather via The Ten Commandments

4 In 10 Americans Think Extreme Weather Is Due To Biblical End-Times

Though only 2% of people who participated in the survey believe that extreme weather is due to the popular belief that the Mayan calendar ends on the 21st of this month.

Wild weather in America @

Climate Change Deniers Put Forward To Head Congressional Science Committee

One has to wonder why these people who have been charged with the safety and welfare of their constituents are still so intent on denying what is as plain as the noses on their respective faces.

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Weekend Reading List

Weekend Reading List

Climate change, shady GOPer, voter suppression, military same-sex civil union, Romney’s ripoff Olympics.

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If There’s No Climate Change, Why Is The U.S. Being Attacked By Derechos?

If There’s No Climate Change, Why Is The U.S. Being Attacked By Derechos?

Is the US returning to the Dust Bowl, or worse?

by Deborah Montesano· · News