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Mother Claims She Was Looking For ISIS Terrorists After Caught Burglarizing High School Students’ Cars

Lisa Roche was arrested after police say she was breaking into cars to look for ISIS members. (Photo: Jackson County Jail Docket)

It is unlikely that her farfetched alibi will stick in front of a judge at her initial hearing. If convicted, Lisa Carol Roche can face up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

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Birther Declared ‘Delusional,’ Fined 177k By Brooklyn Judge

Might be needing this.

A Brooklyn judge slaps a birther with a $177k fine for a ‘delusional’ and ‘fanciful’ lawsuit.

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Texas Bill Follows Wyoming’s Lead In Gun Control – Arrest the Feds

Texas cowboys follow Wyoming’s lead @ Breitbart

It sounds like a great movie, but do taxpayers support such a move and are state officials willing to arrest federal agents?

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BP Accepts Record $4.5 Billion U.S. Fine, Pleads Guilty To Felony Obstruction

From Greenpeace Flicker Album, by

BP’s total civil and criminal liability costs top $46 billion.

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The David Pakman Show – Papa John’s To Be Fined $250 Million For Illegal Text Messages? (VIDEO)

The David Pakman Show – Papa John’s To Be Fined $250 Million For Illegal Text Messages? (VIDEO)

Papa John’s Pizza may face a $250 million fine for sending 500,000 illegal text messages to customers.

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Is Rick Perry a Crook? The Evidence is Mounting…


Americans don’t demand much from elected officials. We just want them to be transparent and fair. What we don’t want are the kind of people who pass out appointments to top donors, create special legislation to conceal their questionable financial activity, and use taxpayer money to help fund expensive vacations. But that’s the kind of guy Texans have in Republican Gov. Rick Perry…

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