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Man Shoved Off High-Rise For ‘Being Gay’ Survives The Fall, And Then ISIS Stones Him To Death

Man gets shoved off a seven-story building by ISIS as punishment for "being gay." He survived, but got stoned to death by the crowd waiting below. Photo: Observatory for Human Rights via The Daily Mail.

After ISIS found him guilty of having a gay affair, this man miraculously escaped certain death, only to encounter certain death.

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LGBT Group: NM Denny’s Refused To Serve ‘F*ggots’ After Gay Pride Celebration (VIDEO)

via KOB4

A New Mexico Denny’s is facing a lawsuit after a waitress allegedly refused to serve a group of LGBT individuals, calling them “f*ggots” and referring to a transgender man as a “boy with tits.”

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NOM To Ask 2016 GOP Presidential Candidates To Sign Anti-LGBT Hate Pledge

Image via

Good news for Democrats! When right wing nut jobs push GOP candidates to the extreme right, they’re much less likely to win the general election.

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Nikon Grants Viral Instagram ‘Gay Black Fathers’ Their Own, Beautiful Commercial (VIDEO)

(Image courtesy of Vimeo)

The lesson is that there is nothing wrong or different, or necessarily outrageously “fabulous” about being two gay, black fathers raising a family.

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Bill Maher PSA For ‘Openly Secular’ Asks Non-Religious To Come Out Of The Closet (VIDEO)

Image via

Studies show that Americans trust atheists as much as rapists. Bill Maher & Openly Secular are helping people overcome prejudice and realize you can be… Good Without God.

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Twin Brothers Come Out As Gay To Their Father— His Response Is Beautiful (VIDEO)

Featured Image Credit: Video Screenshot via YouTube

This is beautiful.

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Justin Bieber Attends Gay Republican Meeting (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Justin Bieber Twitter (Screengrab)

Something tells us he may have just fit right in.

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Kissing Lesbians Thrown Out Of Vienna Café, Rude Manager Implies They Are Whores (IMAGES)

Image via Facebook,

Local residents are standing up for LGBT rights. A 6,000+ person LGBT ‘kissing protest’ will take place outside of the café this Friday.

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BUSTED: Hateful Anti-Gay Pastors Fight City Equal Rights Ordinance With Fake Petition Signatures

Image: Composite with signatures gathered by the anti-LGBT "Christians" pastors, anti-Houston ERO protest photo by Marie D. DeJesus Houston Chronicle (background) and copy of fraudulent petition signatures in same handwriting via The Houston Press.

How low can they go? These anti-LGBT “Christian” pastors have no limits when it comes to denying Houston, TX folks their equal rights.

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Guy With 2 ‘Members’ AKA DoubleD*ckDude Tells All In New Book (VIDEO)

Double Header

Yes, there exists in the world a man with two fully functioning, 10-inch, uncircumcised members. This is his wildly interesting story…

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Salvation Army Still H8s: Leaked Documents Prove Pro-LGBT PR Campaign Is BS

Image via Google Images labeled for reuse:

Ding-Ding, H8-H8! Don’t believe the hype. The Salvation Army still discriminates against the LGBT community. See article for alternate charities.

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9-Year-Old Writes Her Gay Teacher An Awesome Letter After He Came Out (IMAGE)

Photo Credit: Pink News

After this teacher came out of the closet to his elementary school students, he received this.

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Democratic Congress Members To HHS: It’s Time To Lift The Ban On Gay Men Donating Blood

It's time that gay men were given the opportunity to wear this sticker.

Gay men have been banned from donating blood since 1983. It’s time that unscientific ban was lifted. 80 members of Congress have demanded it.

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Disgusting ‘Nobody Is Born Gay’ Billboard Pops Up On Virginia Highway (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: CBS 6, Richmond Virginia

A billboard, paid for by a viciously anti-gay organization known as “Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays,” (PFOX) just popped up in Richmond, Virginia.

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Kansas Minister Gets Violent Death Threats For Conducting Same-Sex Marriages (VIDEO)

Image via Raw Story

Bible thumpin’ bigot to Rev. Carter: “I’m going to chop your head off and put it on a stick and carry it around the town square.” WWJD?

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Fox News Freaks Out: ‘Disney Is Persecuting Christians’

Disney World is taking a different approach to employee care. Instead of cutting part-time worker's hours, they promoted them to full-time to get Obamacare. Ashutosh Garg

Turns out that Christians aren’t really being persecuted. Fox News blows it. Again. Maybe they should try real journalism some time.

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Another Day, Another Ugly Anti-Gay Comment From Pat Robertson (VIDEO)

Image via 700 Club

On Wednesday, The 700 Club ran a short piece called “The Influence of the Reformation & the Pilgrims on the Founding of America.” The five-and-a-half minute video is little more than an infomercial for the DVD series, the upshot of which is that the Pilgrims’ rejection of monarchy informed the […]

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Kirk Cameron: How To Minister To Gay People, Redux (VIDEO)

Kirk Cameron (Image courtesy of Flickr)

A comedy duo tears into Kirk Cameron for his LGBT H8.

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Texas Lawmaker Wants Constitutional Amendment Allowing Discrimination Of LGBT

Image via and not related to article.

Are civil rights or religious freedom more important? When the two butt heads, which should prevail?

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Open Letter: ‘To The Guy Who Punched Me Tonight For Kissing My Boyfriend’

Photo: Featured image: Screen grab via Cole Ledford's Twitter feed.

Cole Ledford to his attacker: ‘I’m sorry I threaten you. I’m NOT sorry I’m gay.’

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