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Young Father Killed By Georgia Police Was Not Threatening Cops, Witness Says (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: family photo of Nicholas Thomas, via WXIA

Police shot and killed 23-year-old Nicholas Thomas on March 24, 2015. Police say they shot the young father in ‘self-defense,’ but a witness says that is not what happened.

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Self-described ‘Patriot’ Plants Explosive Device In Park To Show Islamic Terrorism ‘Can Happen Anywhere’ (VIDEO)

FBI agents investigate the explosive device.

Photo Credit: Channel 2 News (screenshot)

Islamophobia reaches new heights in Georgia.

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Sorry Rick Scott, Admit Climate Change Is Real Or Florida Loses $100M+ In FEMA Funding

Image via

If climate change denying toddlers, I mean Governors, don’t start listening to the adults, FEMA is going to give them a spanking.

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Woman Visits Emergency Room But Has To Call 911 For Life-saving Treatment (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: WGCL-TV (Screengrab)

This woman might have died in the ER if she hadn’t taken matters into her own hands.

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GOP Congressman Laughs At Woman’s Border Solution- ‘Blow ‘Em Up’ (VIDEO)

Image Credit: Rep. Barry Loudermilk- Screengrab via Raw Story

This Georgia woman’s solution to border-crossers? ‘Blow ‘em up.’

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GOP Idiot Wants To Outlaw Man-Animal Hybrids, But Leave The Natural Ones Alone (VIDEO)

Rep. Tom Kirby - Screencapture via Raw Story

This man actually seems to think that centaurs and mermaids exist. If he didn’t, he’d not be trying to outlaw them. And he helps make our laws. Think about that for a second.

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Republican Warmonger Busted Showing Fake Photos Of Ukraine War During Senate Speech (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture, via C-Span

We’ve seen this before. On February 11, Senator Jim Inhofe presented a series of fake photos supposedly showing the war in Ukraine. Inhofe used the fake photos to gain support for a bill that would authorize “lethal military aid.”

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Georgia Deputy Handcuffed 12-Year-Old Boy To Basketball Hoop, Beat Him In Front Of Neighbors (VIDEO)

Image via WDRW

A concerned mother asked Deputy Alton Walter to speak to her son, but what happened was much, much, worse.

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Anti-Gay Pastor Goes Off On The Most Homophobic ‘Adam And Steve’ Rant You’ve Ever Heard (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Pastor Jim Veitch (YouTube Screenshot)

People like this pastor are a danger to our society.

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‘No JUSTICE, No PEACE': KJ 7 Face Fines, Year In Jail Over Demonstration For Kendrick Johnson (VIDEO)

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Who can blame the Johnson family for their actions?

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Woman Tries To Give Away A Child At Alabama Walmart

Woman Tries To Give Away A Child At Alabama Walmart

Apparently, children aren’t part of the Walmart return policy.

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Ku Klux Klan Celebrated Martin Luther King Day By Littering Pittsburgh With Anti-MLK Flyers (VIDEO)

via WPXI

The Ku Klux Klan celebrated “Communist” MLK’s life by distributing racist flyers.

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Kroger Open Carry Gun Nuts Fail To Prevent Yet Another Shooting (VIDEO)

Image: Composite with photos by R Khary Penbaker (left) and L Cornelia (center and right) via Twitter.

When shopping at Kroger, how can you tell the open carry gun nuts apart from the shooters? You can’t.

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Nikon Grants Viral Instagram ‘Gay Black Fathers’ Their Own, Beautiful Commercial (VIDEO)

(Image courtesy of Vimeo)

The lesson is that there is nothing wrong or different, or necessarily outrageously “fabulous” about being two gay, black fathers raising a family.

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Uncle Sam Executes Its First Prisoner Of 2015, And It’s A PTSD-Suffering Vietnam Vet (VIDEO)

(Image courtesy of YouTube)

This country will chew you up and spit you out, and if you’re a veteran, it will turn around and sh*t on you, too.

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GA Police Chief Tries To Explain How He Accidentally Shot His Wife In Disturbing 911 Call (AUDIO)

Photo: Police Chief William McCollom at a 4th of July parade, via The Citizen; Inset: Facebook photo of Margaret McCollom.

GA Police Chief McCollom claims he shot his wife “accidentally” in his sleep.

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Georgia Police Chief ‘Accidentally’ Shoots Wife With Service Weapon… Twice

via ABC News

A Georgia police chief says that he accidentally shot his wife — twice — with his service weapon in the early hours of New Year’s Day.

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Disturbing Footage Shows Gay Man Being Thrown Into Traffic For Holding Boyfriend’s Hand (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: GA Voice Screengrab

I will never understand how the mere sight of love can conjure up so much hate in others.

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White Georgia Woman Shoots At People From Her Car, Aims Gun At Police And Does NOT Get Shot

Image Credit: davidsonscott15 via

A gun-wielding white woman in Georgia shot at people while driving her car, led police on a chase while continuing to fire bullets, and then aimed her gun at officers. So, she got shot and killed, right? Guess again.

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Top 10 Christmas Songs For Ammosexuals (VIDEO)

Image from Facebook, Edited to remove phone number and website.

#10) Santa Claus Is Coming To Take Away All Your Guns. What’s your favorite Christmas Song for Ammosexuals?

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