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Trump Will Be Pissed When New York Renames Donald J. Trump State Park After Muslim American Hero

New York Democrats want to wipe Donald Trump’s name off a state park and replace it with the name of a Muslim who fought for American independence.

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Democratic Federal Prosecutor Charges New York Democratic Speaker On Five Felony Counts (VIDEO)

Part of Preet Bharara’s job is to root out corruption in government, and it undoubtedly exists in both political parties. The rest of the country could learn a lot from him, when it comes to not allowing political affiliation to cloud our judgment.

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New York Assembly votes to pass NY  SAFE ACt @ The Huffington Post

BREAKING UPDATE: After 5 Hours Of Debate NY Assembly Passes ‘Toughest Gun Bill’ In The Nation

The reality that a sweeping new gun law was passed in the first month of 2013 hopefully bodes well for further sensible and bipartisan gun legislation.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo pushes bill with strict assault weapon ban; photo courtesy of

BREAKING: All Eyes On NY As First Post-Sandy Hook Assault Weapons Ban Is Put To Vote

‘No one hunts with an assault rifle,’ Cuomo said. ‘No one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer. End the madness.’

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