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Dog Shoots His Owner In Rifle Accident

Photo Credit:

So much for “man’s best friend”…

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Appalling New ‘Machine Gun America’ Theme Park Opens Near Disney World For Ages 13 And Up (VIDEO)

Machine Gun America image: Composite (WESH 2/Daily News Lies).

Would you take your child to Machine Gun America? They assure us it’s perfectly safe.

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Deputy’s Girlfriend Fatally Shoots Herself After He Gives Her A Gun Following Drunken Fight (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: WSB-TV Screengrab

The last thing she said to him was, “Don’t you trust me?”

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Here’s The Christmas Card You’ll Be Getting From Your Ammosexual Relatives This Christmas

Now, isn't this what Christmas is all about? Mythical characters aiming Glocks at stereotypical Arab terrorists. Awwww. Can't you just feel the warmth of the holiday?

The perfect Christmas card for the gun lovers in your family. Just try to ignore the sight of Santa getting ready to blow away a generic terrorist in front of Baby Jesus.

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A Republican Christmas Wishlist

Featured image credit: zerox3a, via

Here’s a short list of things Republicans wish for at Christmas. Peace on earth is obviously not one of them.

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Only In America: Kid Caught At School With So Many Guns, Police Aren’t Even Sure They Found Them All

Only In America: Kid Caught At School With So Many Guns, Police Aren’t Even Sure They Found Them All

Here’s a headline that can exist only in gun-obsessed America…

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Bystanders Posing For Selfies At Sydney Siege Get Shamed On Twitter (IMAGES)

Photo Credit: Instagram

It’s nice to see that being an idiot isn’t received well these days.

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You’ve Never Seen Over 11,000 People Killed By Guns Like This (VIDEO)

You’ve Never Seen Over 11,000 People Killed By Guns Like This (VIDEO)

If this doesn’t make you stop and think, what will?

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Teens Pointed A Gun In This Grandma’s Face, So She Decided To Fight Back (VIDEO)

Image via Gawker

High-schoolers pistol-whipping Grandmas…We can do better than this, America.

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Philly Cop Sues His Own Police Department For Brutality

Sgt. Ruff of the Philly PD claims he was brutalized by members of his own department.

Even one of their own is not safe. This Philly police officer has filed a federal lawsuit against his own department for brutality.

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Newly Released Audio Of Cop Requesting Help After Michael Brown Was Shot: ‘There’s Going To Be A Problem’

Photo Credit: YouTube

A new evidence dump by the prosecutor’s office gives us more insight into what happened after the unarmed black teenager was shot.

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6-Year-Old Boy Shot While Watching Cartoons Becomes Third Gun Death In His Family

Image Credit: The Raw Story

This family has already suffered so much tragedy and death. Now, a 6-year-old boy is dead, again, because of gunfire.

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Man Fatally Shot His Stepdaughter So He Could Have Sex With Her Corpse

Photo Credit: NBC Philadelphia

This might be one of the most disgusting cases of 2014.

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Gun Pundit Publishes ‘How To’ Guide To Kill Everyone You Meet, Including Pregnant Ladies

Jeffrey Denning takes aim (Image via Guns.Com)

“That’s right, you’re not a man until you’ve eyed a pregnant woman and thought: ‘Yeah, I could shoot that b*tch!'”

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Tulsa Mother Shot, Killed By 3-Year-Old Son (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: New York Daily News, Christa Engles, photo dated 1/2014

The toddler found the loaded, semi-automatic handgun under the couch.

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‘Guns Aren’t Toys’: Police Chief Defends Fatal Shooting Of Child Holding A Fake Gun

Photo Credit: Rice family

On the same day a grand jury announced Officer Darren Wilson would not be charged in the shooting of Michael Brown, an Ohio police chief defended the senseless killing of another black child.

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This Angry ‘Open Carry’ Ammosexual Wants Gun Sense Moms To ‘SHUT THE F**K UP!’ (VIDEO)

Photo: Composite via Rob Kinneson's Facebook page (foreground) and Kroger

This open carry nut has set his sights on the gun sense group Moms Demand Action, and it isn’t pretty.

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NY Deputy Filmed Striking Innocent Man: ‘You Wanna F*cking Resist?’ (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: YouTube Screengrab

“I can get a lot more intense, believe me. I’ll rip your f*cking head off and sh*t down your neck.”

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School Shooting Foiled, Police Charge Bullied, Baby-Faced Teen As Adult (VIDEO)

Image: Composite with photos from Google.

Bullied teen Sash Nemphos planned to ‘kill as many teachers and students as he could.’

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Must Watch! Chris Rock’s Hilarious SNL Rant On Terrorism, ‘Jesus Birthday Season,’ And Guns

Photo with Chris Rock: Screen grab/Saturday Night Live.

Chris Rock on SNL: They should change the name from ‘the Freedom Tower’ to the ‘Never Going in There Tower.’ ‘Cause I’m never going in there.

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