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Salvation Army Bell Ringer Assaulted By ‘Christian’ For Saying ‘Happy Holidays’

A Salvation Army bell ringer was punched by a Phoenix, Arizona Walmart shopper, for using the phrase "Happy Holidays," instead of saying "Merry Christmas" Image: Screen shot

A bell ringer collecting donations for the Salvation Army says she was assaulted, after greeting an Arizona Walmart shopper with the words “Happy Holidays.” According to KNXV, Kristina Vindiola was collecting donations outside a Phoenix Walmart in mid-December, when she was confronted by an outraged woman. She said the assault […]

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Stop Being Childish – There’s No War On Christmas (VIDEO)

Stop Being Childish – There’s No War On Christmas  (VIDEO)

I’ve had it with the selfish, self-righteous holiday season ‘War On Christmas’ nonsense that attempts to police how other people may and may not wish someone well.

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