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Hey GOP, Snowmageddon 2015 Doesn’t Mean Climate Change Is A Hoax (VIDEO)

Do you have a friend or family member suffering from climate change denial? This blog may help…

by Frank Minero· · News
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Were We Duped By The Homeless $100 Video? Perhaps, But The Homeless Are The Victims (VIDEO)

The homeless man’s brother and witnesses have a lot to say about the $100 viral video and how the homeless man was duped. And here is what we can do to make sure those responsible stop profiting by our generosity!

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Radical Right Are Losing Their Sh!t Over Pope’s Encyclical On Climate Change (TWEETS)

Right wing blogs and nutters on social media are exploding over Pope Francis’ upcoming encyclical on climate change. They’re frickin’ losing it!

by Frank Minero· · News
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Sexy Ebola Nurse Halloween Costume: This Time It’s Not A Hoax (Tweets)

Do you think this company capitalizing on the Ebola scare is horrible? Would you wear this Halloween costume?

by Frank Minero· · News, Political Humor
Dean Dinnen was jailed for three years

Man Walks Into Haunted House With Chainsaw, Murders 7 People (VIDEO). Another Hoax Gone Viral.

The story was originally posted with a disclaimer on Daily Buzz Live that explains that articles on the web site are for “entertainment purposes only.” While some stories may be “inspired by real news events,” they are “complete fiction.”

by Moe Diab· · News
Wolverton, Cagle Cartoons

Here’s Why Our Cold Winter Does NOT Prove Climate Change Is A ‘Liberal Hoax’ (VIDEO)

Fifth graders can understand the simple concept of climate change. Weather events do not prove or disprove climate change.

by Kortnee· · News
Screen capture from Anonymous' prank facebook page for Westboro Baptist Church.

Prank By Anonymous Explains Sudden Popularity Of Westboro Baptist Church’s Facebook Page (VIDEO)

Anonymous didn’t really hack WBC’s Facebook page, but so what? The prank is still hilarious.

by Elisabeth Parker· · News
The David Pakman Show – Sandy Hook ‘Hoax’ Debunked (VIDEO)

The David Pakman Show – Sandy Hook ‘Hoax’ Debunked (VIDEO)

David Pakman makes a special appearance to address viewers asking him to respond to rumors that the Sandy Hook shootings never happened.

by David Pakman· · News
The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Is A Hoax

The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Is A Hoax

The GOP would have us to believe America is going to collapse if the already impoverished don’t exercise some financial discipline, but it’s all a hoax.

by Mikki Israel· · News