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Hilarious Video Reveals 56% Of Congress GOPers Suffer ‘Climate Change Denial Disorder’ (VIDEO)

Featured photo: Composite with screen grabs via Funny or Die's Climate Change Denial Disorder video.

Hilarious video: 170 Republicans in the House and Senate suffer ‘Climate Change Denial Disorder.’ Is yours one of them?

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GOP’s IRS Cuts Ticking Off Taxpayers And May Cost Over $30 Billion Per Year (VIDEO)

Featured image: Composite by Elisabeth Parker with frustrated taxpayer/Image Arcade and IRS tax forms and other tax preparation materials/Pixabay.

We all love to hate the IRS, but the GOP’s drastic IRS funding cuts could cost us billions. John Oliver explains.

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President Obama Takes On The Payday Lenders (VIDEO)

Photo of Obama making his case for cracking down on payday loans at Lawson State Community College in Birmingham, Ala.: Video screen grab/WhiteHouse.Gov via AL.Com.

Congratulations, President Obama, for yet another brilliant speech. Watch him attack payday lenders and the GOP’s horribly cruel budget.

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Arkansas House Votes Down Common Core (VIDEO)

(Image courtesy of Flickr)

The vote was a landslide.

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Congress Manages To Pass Bill That Funds DHS…For A Whole Week

Image via C-SPAN

Congress finally decided that passing DHS funding was a good idea. This new funding bill will last…until next Friday. Then we might get to do this all over again.

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Temporary DHS Funding Measure Fails In The House, Pushing DHS Closer To A Shutdown

Image by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr

Is holding something hostage that’s as important as funding the Department of Homeland Security really the legacy that Republicans want to leave?

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Obama Vetoes Keystone XL Pipeline Bill, ‘It Has Earned My Veto’ (VIDEO)

Image via

Obama has vetoed the Keystone XL Pipeline bill!

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President Obama To GOP: ‘Responsibly Govern Or Be Prepared For Me To Use My Veto Pen’ (VIDEO)

Photo courtesy of

President Obama pulled no punches when addressing his intentions on defending health care, the environment, clean air and clean water.

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Watch Hank Johnson’s Powerful ‘I Can’t Breathe Speech’ In Memorial To Eric Garner (VIDEO)

Screenshot via YouTube

“Black lives matter. Hear my pleas. I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe.”

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House Approves Keystone XL Pipeline — Luckily Obama Will Veto It

Photo Courtesy Facebook/ U.S Uncut

The House of Representatives has passed a bill approving the Keystone XL pipeline in a 252 to 161 vote. Republicans have adamantly demanded that the pipeline be built. After the wins that the Republican Party made in the midterms they now have the ability to get a bill through the […]

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White House Invaded Due To Shocking Security Lapses (VIDEO)

It's about time we hire that badass to bring back some of the Social Security glory days.
Photo Credit: Public Domain

The House’s Oversight Panel’s Subcommittee On National Security met Tuesday to find out how these rings of defense failed so badly.

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Eric Cantor Pulls A Sarah Palin – Resigns Before Term Is Up

Eric Cantor Pulls A Sarah Palin – Resigns Before Term Is Up

Iraq War, Sarah Palin and now Eric Cantor – why can’t Republicans finish what they start?

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Do-Nothing Congress Sues President For Doing Too Much

“They’re going to sue me for taking executive actions to help people. So they’re mad I’m doing my job. And by the way, I’ve told them I’d be happy to do it with you." President Obama

Watching Congress is like watching a dysfunctional restaurant. The first guy is working his butt off frying your hamburger. Then the waiter meanders by with his earphone on. So the cook calls the waiter over and hands him our meal. Old do-nothing drops the plates. Not once but over and […]

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House Votes To Block Federal Interference With State Medical Marijuana

House Votes To Block Federal Interference With State Medical Marijuana

In a surprise move, several Republicans voted with the Democrats Friday morning to end the federal government’s interference with state medical marijuana practices.

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Extreme GOP Gerrymandering Responsible For Tea Party, Republican Infighting (VIDEO)

GOP Gerrymandering

Here’s how GOP gerrymandering handed power to an extreme Tea Party, whose views do not represent those of the American people.

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The GOP Has Been Planning The Government Shutdown Since Last Year. Here’s The Proof (INFOGRAPHIC)

House GOP Plot to Shutdown U.S. Government Over Obamacare infographic by Elisabeth Parker for Addicting Info.

This shocking memo shows just how far the House GOP — and their wealthy paymasters — will go in order to deny healthcare to the American people.

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Here Are The Names Of 22 GOP House Reps Who Say They Will Vote Yes If A Clean Bill Is Introduced

House Speaker John Boehner Crying. (Photo manipulation by Elisabeth Parker for Addicting Info)

House Speaker John Boehner claims he doesn’t have enough votes to pass a clean spending bill, and end the government shutdown. He’s lying through his teeth.

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Speaker John Boehner Should Act Like A Terrorist, Says Sandy Rios

Screen captured image of House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) being interviewed by Peter Cook from Bloomberg TV.

Right wing radio host Sandy Rios wants John Boehner to act more like a ‘terrorist’ during the government shutdown, just like the Tea Partiers in the House.

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California Rep. Darrell Issa Is The Richest AND Most Corrupt Member Of Congress

Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA). Photo from Wikipedia.

Darrell Issa is the richest member of Congress. He’s also the most corrupt, with a long history of questionable ethics and criminal activity.

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GOP Congressmen Heckled By Angry Crowds At Town Hall Meetings (VIDEOS)

Photo of Muppet heclkers Statler and Waldorf from Wikipedia.Org.

Why aren’t GOP congressmen scheduling their beloved Town Hall meetings any more? Maybe the heckling from angry crowds has something to do with it.

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