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Governor Andrew Cuomo pushes bill with strict assault weapon ban; photo courtesy of

BREAKING: All Eyes On NY As First Post-Sandy Hook Assault Weapons Ban Is Put To Vote

‘No one hunts with an assault rifle,’ Cuomo said. ‘No one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer. End the madness.’

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Gun Nut James Yeager Issues A Retraction, Sort Of (VIDEO)

Gun Nut James Yeager Issues A Retraction, Sort Of (VIDEO)

There’s something about having a lawyer by his side that can have a calming effect on a volatile gun nut.

by McAllister· · News
James Yeager of the infamous "Pack Your Bags" video gets his gun carry permit revoked.

Violent Gun Wacko In Viral Video Gets Gun Permit Revoked

Tennessee isn’t afraid to punish gun nuts like James Yeager who threaten to shoot people who ‘take away’ guns.

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James Yeager of Tactical Response and star of incendiary video.

Gun Company CEO Hints At Assassinating Obama – ‘Murder’ May Be Necessary (VIDEO)

Heavily-armed gun nut threatens to ‘start killing people’ if gun control advances ‘one inch further.’

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