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Photo of Joseph Kelley with his assault rifle, taken by fellow JC Penney shopper Cindy Yorgason

Why On Earth Did This Man Take His Assault Rifle To JC Penney? (VIDEO)

The woman who snapped the soon-to-go-viral photos thinks lugging an assault rifle to the local J.C. Penney was ‘inappropriate’ — even in a gun-friendly state like Utah.

by Elisabeth Parker· · News
Dhaka factory in flames @

Workers Die In Bangladesh Factory While Making Clothes For Walmart And Others

My guess is Bangladeshi workers would also like to ‘save money and live better.’ Instead, 124 of them died while working hard to create products Americans are buying for those ‘low, low prices.’

by Lorraine Devon Wilke· · News
Anti-Gay, Anti-Ellen DeGeneres Boycott Fails Miserably

Anti-Gay, Anti-Ellen DeGeneres Boycott Fails Miserably

It’s a sign of the times when that conservative standby, homophobia, fails to stir the base.

by Walt Dismay· · News