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Meet The Republicans Who May Actually Help Democrats Control The Senate And Thwart Trump

With their help, we could effectively have a Democratic majority here.

by Rika Christensen· · News
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Former GOP Policy Chief Unleashes AMAZING Tweetstorm After ‘Fragile’ Trump Cries About Jeff Flake

This is possibly the best take-down of Trump’s bullying that we’ve seen yet.

by Rika Christensen· · News
WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 15: Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) walks to a Senate joint caucus meeting, on Capitol Hill, July 15, 2013 in Washington, DC. The senators met in a closed-session in the Old Senate Chamber Wednesday evening to discuss the subjects of filibusters and presidential nominations. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

GOP Senator Says Trump Doesn’t Deserve To Win

Another Republican denounces Trump.

by Ryan Denson· · Current Issues, News
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GOP Senator BURNS The Hell Out Of Trump With His Reason To Avoid The GOP Convention


by Rika Christensen· · News
NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 22: Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during an event at Trump SoHo Hotel, June 22, 2016 in New York City. Trump's remarks focused on criticisms of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Donald Trump Can’t Even Control His Temper In Meeting About Party Unity

This may be the most thin-skinned candidate ever.

by Wendy Gittleson· · News
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Republicans Brace For Backfire On Iran Letter, Turn Against Colleagues Who Signed It

Republicans are starting to sweat as heat is poured on them for the Iran letter. Some are trying to downplay their involvement, while the party begins to fear this sets a “terrible precedent.”

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Even Republicans Admit Their Colleagues Were Stupid To Send Letter To Iran

The seven GOP Senators who did not sign the Iran letter are speaking out against their colleagues…

Arizona Republicans Who Rejected Sandy Relief Now Whining About Arizona Not Getting Disaster Aid

Arizona Republicans voted against disaster aid for Hurricane Sandy, and now they are whining that the agency they cut funding to is not aiding them.

by Stephen D. Foster Jr.· · News
Arizona Senator Jeff Flake

Your Son’s Hate Speech Is Bad But Pretend Suicide Is Worse: What Kind Of Parent Are You Senator Flake? (VIDEO)

No one learns to call people a “nigger,” “Jew” or “faggot” in a vacuum. Nor do they use a real gun to fake a suicide on camera without a serious failure of supervision. Good job, Senator Flake

by T. Steelman· · News
Slain Sandy Hook Elementary school principal, Dawn Hocksprung.

N.H. Senator Confronted By Daughter Of Slain Sandy Hook Principal At Town Hall Meeting

Why aren’t the rights of slain school children, teachers, and others as important as the rights of gun owners?

by Rika Christensen· · News
5 Senators Take Serious Dive In Polls After Voting No To Backgrounds Check

5 Senators Take Serious Dive In Polls After Voting No To Backgrounds Check

With the majority of Americans for more gun safety a backlash against politicians who voted no to common sense gun regulations was inevitable. The polls are bad for some in Washington D.C., and very bad for others.

by Leslie Salzillo· · News
Republican Senator Betrays The Trust Of A Grieving Mother

Republican Senator Betrays The Trust Of A Grieving Mother

Politicians generally tell many tales bordering on untruths. They however find plausible technicalities to justify their tale not being categorized as a lie.

by The Liberal· · News
Outrage Builds As Arizona Continues To Count Votes

Outrage Builds As Arizona Continues To Count Votes

Hold up on the congratulations for Arpaio, Flake, and a number of other office seekers in the state – Arizona’s got a problem.

by Deborah Montesano· · News
Jeff Flake, a near shoe-in for US Senate, may be attempting to seal the deal with fraudulent robocalls misleading Dem voters.

GOP Senate Candidate Busted – Behind Robocall Fraud (VIDEO)

Jeff Flake, who’s tight with Charles Koch, claims he meant to robocall Republican voters with the wrong polling locations.

by Liberal Lamp Post· · News
10 Questions That The Mainstream Media Will Never Ask About Health Insurance

10 Questions That The Mainstream Media Will Never Ask About Health Insurance

It’s becoming increasingly clear that for some industries, not only does the need for profit put money over people, it is very literally putting money over lives.