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Photo: Composite: Old "Cosmos," New "Cosmos," and the parody "Cosmos on Weed."

Exposed! Original ‘Cosmos’ Host Carl Sagan Pushed For Legal Pot…And Smoked It, Too (VIDEO)

Dude! Original ‘Cosmos’ host Carl Sagan sure would have enjoyed 2014. Sagan’s estate has found four boxes of (heh) papers on legalizing weed.

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Here’s Why David Brooks’ Lame Anti-Weed Column Totally Misses The Point

If your marijuana use has no physical or financial impact on me, you should have the freedom to do it. I thought that was a Conservative mantra as well.

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Obama – Prosecuting Recreational Marijuana ‘Does Not Make Sense’

Obama – Prosecuting Recreational Marijuana ‘Does Not Make Sense’

Obama says the Dept. of Justice has ‘bigger fish to fry’ than to waste time punishing weed possession.

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Former U.S. President Supports Marijuana Legalization, Former VP Thinks States Should Decide (VIDEO)

Okay, this article is about a former U.S. President and Vice-President – but isn’t it still groovy?

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