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Sequester Slashes Unemployment Benefits, But Not Corporate Welfare

After 40 years of wrecking our economy, all conservatives need to do is finish shredding our frayed social safety net, so we can begin serving their corporate masters.

by Elisabeth Parker· · News
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North Carolina Pays For Its 20-Year-Old Tax Cuts By Punishing The Unemployed

For those who will continue to receive benefits, the maximum benefits from go from $535 a week down to $350 a week.

by Wendi Petit· · News
New Study Demolishes Right-Wing Mantra About The ‘Lazy’ Unemployed

New Study Demolishes Right-Wing Mantra About The ‘Lazy’ Unemployed

Unemployed people waiving benefits saved the government upwards of a billion dollars during the recession.

by Liberal Lamp Post· · News
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‘Pass This Jobs Bill.’ Obama Delivers Pitch-Perfect Speech on American Jobs Act

(Video and Best Quotes.) If you were looking for the President to devise an intelligent plan to create immediate jobs and deliver it with coherent, powerful rhetoric and a dogged defense of liberal ideals, Obama hit a home run. The oration of his Sept. 8 Joint Session on jobs creation was on point. The urgent message to Congress was clear and repetitive and it wasn’t so much a request as an expertly articulated demand: