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Another school shooting shatters a typical school day. This time the killing takes place in Nevada. Will your community's schools be next?
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Fifteenth School Shooting Of 2013 Rocks Sparks Middle School

   (PHOTO) Once again an ordinary American school day ended in a cacophony of gunfire. Once again all the guns in the world don’t seem to make America’s students and teachers safer. Once again the gun lobby will refuse to admit even simple truths. Well, let me be the first […]

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Blind Stevie Wonder Set To Buy A Gun – Cause He Can (VIDEO)

Blind Stevie Wonder Set To Buy A Gun – Cause He Can (VIDEO)

A blind man with a gun? In the NRA’s vision of America as the Wild Wild West, why the heck not?

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Newtown officers get Christmas day off  @ CBA/

Connecticut Cops Step In To Give Newtown Officers Christmas Off

‘When something like this happens … it’s a police thing. We’ll always try to help out neighboring towns. Any time there’s a tragedy, we’ll try our best to lend a helping hand.’

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Libertarian Joe Scarborough Sees The Light On Gun Control (VIDEO)

It represented a dramatic change of heart for someone who has been a strong advocate for the libertarian and conservative cause,

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The Bushmaster

Macho Marketing Of Gun Used In Newtown Massacre

When it’s you against, say, a ravening horde of government-entitled ‘moochers’ and other undesirables, you want something like the Bushmaster at hand.

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