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Girls Escape From Captivity, Reveal Years Of Abuse By Adoptive Parents (VIDEO)

Girls Escape From Captivity, Reveal Years Of Abuse By Adoptive Parents (VIDEO)

Three children were held captive and abused by their adoptive parents. When the two girls were able to escape, a Dickensian tale was revealed.

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Legally Blind Dad With Prior Felony Conviction Accidentally Shoots 3-Year-Old In Stomach (VIDEO)

Photo: Video screen grab on the Toledo, OH Municipal Court setting Michael Reye's bail for $100,000 after the accidental shooting of his three-year-old daughter via NBC 24.

How could this accidental shooting happen when Michael Reyes’ blindness and prior felony conviction bar him from owning a gun?

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Heroic Homeless Woman Walked For Hours To Face Rapist In Court: ‘I Didn’t Want To See Him Do It To Anyone Else’

Image via Wired

This homeless woman walked more than eight miles in the course of a year to ensure that her attacker ended up behind bars where he belonged.

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Time-Lapse Map Shows The Number Of Earthquakes Fracking Has Caused (VIDEO)

Featured Image Credit: Video screenshot via Facebook

This is what happens to your state when fracking begins.

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Ohio Wants A New Drug, Postpones All 2015 State Executions (VIDEO)

(Image courtesy of WikiMedia)

Inmates scheduled for execution in 2016 will remain unchanged. If Ohio is able to cop within the year, 2016 could be quite a busy year for executions in Ohio.

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After Listening To Women, Longtime Anti-Abortion Congressman Becomes Pro-Choice

Image via Cosmopolitan

A six term congressman and lifelong opponent of abortion rights has finally changed his mind, and all it took was for him to start talking with and listening to women.

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Republican Governor Lies About Abraham Lincoln To Hate On Taxes, Gets Fact Checked Hard

Image via Politifact

In a pathetic attempt to drum animosity towards taxes, Ohio’s Republican governor literally put non-existent words in Abraham Lincoln’s mouth. Politifact rated this action as “Pants on Fire!” And apparently he doesn’t know that Lincoln instituted one of the first progressive taxes in order to pay for the Civil War.

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The Supreme Court Has Agreed To Hear Same Sex Marriage Case–Landmark Ruling Expected

photo courtesy of

The Supreme Court will address two questions. The answers will be heard around the world.

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White Kids Riot Over Football Game. Because White People Are Stupid (VIDEO)

White Kids Riot Over Football Game. Because White People Are Stupid (VIDEO)

Black people riot over real problems like oppression and police brutality. White people riot over stupid crap like college football.

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Shocking New Footage Of Tamir Rice Shooting: It’s Even Worse Than We Thought (VIDEO)

Image Source: 19ActionNews

It’s horrific enough that cops shot and killed this 12-year-old boy for playing with his BB gun, but this? Disgraceful.

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GOP Senator Flat Out LIES About Keystone XL Pipeline, And Fox Lets Him Get Away With It (VIDEO)

Image/composite: Fox News screen grab with Sen. Portman (foreground) and Inhabitat (background).

Sen. Rob Portman tells shameless lies about KXL. But really, that’s beside the point.

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Yet Another Transgender Teen Commits Suicide Due To Fundamentalist Christian Hate

Image Credit: Leelah Alcorn via Patheos

Another transgender teen is dead after years of abuse at the hands of her fundamentalist Christian parents. Please do not let her death be in vain. Get involved and help prevent tragedies like this.

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3.1 Million Workers Get A Well Deserved Raise As Minimum Wage Increases On Jan. 1st (VIDEO)

Image via Twitter,

Are you getting a well deserved raise on January 1st?

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Guess Who Took A BB Gun Off A Walmart Shelf, Loaded It, Ran Around Shooting, And Lived?

via KREM

Two white men walk into a Walmart, remove a BB gun from its packaging, load it, and begin shooting up the store. Both men were arrested without incident, yet John Crawford is still dead. What could the difference be?

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Ohio Conservative ‘Christians’ Freak Out Over Homeowner’s Zombie Nativity Scene, Threatens Lawsuit (VIDEO)

Image via Screenshot

Conservative “Christians” in one Ohio town are throwing a hissy fit after a man put up a zombie themed Nativity scene in front of his home.

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Muslim Inmate Sues Jail For Making Her Attend Christian Church Service

Photo Credit: Rana Ossama / Flickr

“The government can’t tell you what god to pray to or to pray at all.”

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Christian Student Whines Because School Takes Down Ten Commandments Plaque To Avoid Costly Lawsuits (VIDEO)

Image of Ten Commandments plaque via Wikimedia, uploaded by user TheZachMorrisExperience

A religious student at the school apparently doesn’t care about the education of all the students and instead wants the school to risk a costly legal battle by placing a Ten Commandments plaque back on the premises.

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5 Ohio Cops Accused Of Racist Text Messages: ‘I Hate N*ggers. That Is All’ (VIDEO)

Image/Ohio Cops accused of racist text messages: Composite/Video screen grabs/ABC22.

You won’t believe this sheriff’s response when he discovered the racist text messages.

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‘Guns Aren’t Toys’: Police Chief Defends Fatal Shooting Of Child Holding A Fake Gun

Photo Credit: Rice family

On the same day a grand jury announced Officer Darren Wilson would not be charged in the shooting of Michael Brown, an Ohio police chief defended the senseless killing of another black child.

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Police ‘Riot Training’ Fails Spectacularly; Tear Gasses Nearby Elem. School, Destroys Three Squad Cars

Image via Crave Online

Police training exercise goes incredibly off the rails after officers get into multiple car accident, tear gas local elementary school.

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