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White Teen Who Hit A Woman With Her Car And Assaulted A Police Officer Will Get A Clean Record Instead Of Jail

Image of Sarah Culhane via Raw Story

Clearly, having white skin is a get out of jail free card and basically guarantees that police and prosecutors will treat you with kid gloves.

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Ku Klux Klan Celebrated Martin Luther King Day By Littering Pittsburgh With Anti-MLK Flyers (VIDEO)

via WPXI

The Ku Klux Klan celebrated “Communist” MLK’s life by distributing racist flyers.

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Wife And Mother Of Two Fights Deportation By Living In Church For Two Months…And Wins (VIDEO)

Photo: Angela Navarro and her husband Ermer via Twitter/New Sanctuary Movement of Philly, Inset with Navarro and their children via the Navarros' petition page via Groundswell.

When push comes to shove, “family values” Republicans would rather break up families like Navarro’s than do what’s right.

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This Restaurant Just Banned Tips So They Could Pay Their Staff $35,000 Per Year

Photo Credit: Bar Marco Facebook

If this isn’t a revolution in the food industry, I don’t know what is!

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Police Chief ‘Absolutely’ Would Hold That Sign Up Again, But He’d Do One Thing Differently (VIDEO)

image: Video screen grab/Yahoo! News (background) and WWhat's Up, Pittsburgh?! Facebook (foreground).

To McLay’s credit, he had no idea that photo would prove so controversial. ‘What police officer wouldn’t want to stand up against injustice?’

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You Might Mistake Him For A Homeless Guy; He’s Really A Doctor Who Cares About People More Than Profits (VIDEO)

Featured image video credit: screen capture, Nation Swell, via youtube

Five days a week, every week for the past 23 years, this doctor has been going out into the streets to find and treat the homeless.

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Mom of the Year Candidate Leaves Six-Year-Old In Traffic After Stealing From Walmart

via Walmart

A Pennsylvania woman is behind bars after leaving her child in busy traffic to escape shoplifting charges for $24 worth of merchandise.

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Frat Gets Blasted After Racist Xmas Card With Black ‘Beyoncé’ Sex Doll Hits Facebook (IMAGE)

Photo Credit: Phi Delta Theta

Can you spot what’s wrong with this picture?

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High School Counselor Threatens To Shoot Solidarity Protesters (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: screen capture, Chris Rock, via Twitter

“I will personally SHOOT every one of them. You’ve been warned idiots!!”

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Man Fatally Shot His Stepdaughter So He Could Have Sex With Her Corpse

Photo Credit: NBC Philadelphia

This might be one of the most disgusting cases of 2014.

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‘Responsible’ Gun Owner Shoots Neighbor Hanging Christmas Lights Because He Hates Big Government

Image: Composite with foreground KDKA2 and background cc 2008, V. Smoothe via Wikipedia.

It took the SWAT team over three hours to arrest him. Still think we need more guns?

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Why Democrats May Never Win Back The House In One Chart (VIDEO)

Gerrymandered districts - image courtesy of Wikimedia

For Pennsylvania and Michigan, Democrats got more votes than Republicans, yet because of redistricting, Republicans took more than twice as many seats.

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Republican Committeeman Posts Explicit Stick-Figure Drawing Of Gay Legislator On Facebook

Photo Credit: Mike Fleck

The GOP is now using the campaign tactics of a 5-year-old.

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Watch: Insane Racist School Board President Sells ‘Slave Reparations Insurance’ To White People!

Photo of Brad Rigler: Screen Grab/YouTube.

What happens when Brad Rigler, a Board of Education president, prank-calls white people with a ‘slave reparations insurance’ scam? Nothing.

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‘Porn Culture’ In Misogynistic GOP Governor’s Administration, And We’re Surprised, Why?

Image Credit: Associated Press

Now that Pennsylvania voters have gotten an inside glimpse at what republican culture really looks like, let’s hope they rise up in droves to shut this whole thing down in November.

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Police Burst Into Home And Arrest Black Woman For Recording Them On Cell Phone (VIDEO)

Image via

The Gaymon family lawsuit claims that officers “had no legal cause to believe that any plaintiff committed any crime,” and that they “maliciously initiated a criminal prosecution” against Mrs. Gaymon and her daughter.

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Cop-Killer Survivalist “Extremely Dangerous,” Focus Of Massive Manhunt

Can The Killer Survivalist Escape The Police?
Photo Credit: CHP-Swat-TeamPublic Domain
CHPSocialMedia - Own work

Law enforcement does not know why Frein shot the troopers. But under these circumstances, why is not as important as how and when.

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DA Who Went After Kid For Jesus Statue Prank Is An Adulterous Porn Addict

District Attorney Bill Higgins, of Bedford County, PA is viciously prosecuting a boy who simulated oral sex with a statue of Jesus. It turns out that Mr. Higgins has a few dirty habits of his own, though. 

Image Credit: The Raw Story

District Attorney Bill Higgins, of Bedford County, PA is viciously prosecuting a boy who simulated oral sex with a statue of Jesus. It turns out that Mr. Higgins has a few dirty habits of his own, though.

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Sharia Law In The US? Blasphemous Teen Gets Fake BJ From Jesus — And Two Years In Jail? (IMAGES)

Sharia Law In The US? Blasphemous Teen Gets Fake BJ From Jesus — And Two Years In Jail? (IMAGES)

In July of this year, a 14-year-old Pennsylvania boy stood before a kneeling statue of Jesus. He gripped the Christian idol by its stoney hair, then posed for the camera while experiencing the love of Jesus — in a most inappropriate way. The teen then posted pix of the holy […]

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Doctor Gives Employee Letter Saying He Is Laying Her Off Because She Has Cancer (IMAGE)

Photo Courtesy: CBS Pittsburgh Photo Credit: Rose Lerini

Dr. George Visnich, an oral surgeon in Beaver County, Pittsburgh, is causing an uproar on social media over a letter he gave to his employee. The letter says that is laying her off due to the fact that she has cancer. The letter says  “You are currently engaged in a battle […]

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