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This Coffee Shop Hires Homeless Teens And Gives Them Something ‘No One Else Would’ (VIDEO)

This Coffee Shop Hires Homeless Teens And Gives Them Something ‘No One Else Would’ (VIDEO)

A Denver café is tackling a monstrous issue with the simple belief that “every human being has incredible value.”

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Catholic Church Uses Sprinkler System To Douse Sleeping Homeless People (VIDEO)

Catholic Church Uses Sprinkler System To Douse Sleeping Homeless People (VIDEO)

WWJD? Probably not this. I honestly can’t think of a more sinful way to treat those in need.

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Vogue Editor Posts Distasteful Photo Of Homeless Person Reading Her Magazine On Instagram (PHOTO)

Photo Credit: Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis Instagram

She should have known better than to think this was funny.

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Haircuts For Homeless Men Reveal Something You Would Never Expect (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: "What's The Difference?" (Screengrabs)

At first I was shocked – and then it made me think.

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In Case You Missed It: Joni Ernst Caught On Tape Saying Poor People Aren’t Entitled to Food, Clothing, or Health Care

Joni Ernst campaign ad

Joni Ernst has some kind words for the 900,000 Iowans (one-third of the state) on government assistance. It’ not pretty.

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Income Equality Congresswomen Under Fire After Being Spotted At The Grammys With Hollywood’s Elite

Photo Credit: 100 Percent FED UP Facebook page.

Two Democrats’ appearance at the star-studded event had everyone crying “hypocrisy!”

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Obama’s Chief Of Staff Ditches A Night At The Office To Walk The Streets Counting Homeless People

Photo Credit: Kevin Fagan Twitter

This is the first time such a high-ranking White House official has taken part in an initiative to end homelessness.

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This Homeless Man Only Had One Book To Read – Until A Complete Stranger Gave Him His Kindle

Photo Credit: Mjuad / Reddit.

It’s things like this that truly warm the heart.

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One European Country Says F.U. To Banksters And Is Forgiving The Debt Of Its Poorest

Image of Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic courtesy of Wikipedia

Too bad Congressional Republicans will never feel so inclined.

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The Vatican Will Regularly Provide Free Shaves And Haircuts For Rome’s Homeless

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

For homeless people looking for jobs, grooming and cleanliness remains a huge hurdle. The Vatican’s latest initiative could change that.

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A Tale Of Two Senators Who Grew Up Poor And Went Opposite Directions

Elizabeth Warren and Joni Ernst

Two Senators, Joni Ernst and Elizabeth Warren, grew up very poor. However, Ernst’s family has received copious amounts of federal dollars, while Elizabeth Warren’s never took a dime. How then can Ernst be a Republican and Warren be a Democrat? Simple: Ernst says “I got mine, screw you,” and Warren says “I never got anything, but I don’t want you to be in the same situation as I was.”

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Outrageous: These States Say $4,600 Per Year Makes You Too Rich For Medicaid

Image from Kaiser Family Foundation

A few states have very strict income requirements for their Medicaid programs. They’re so strict that a mere $4,600 per year for a family of four is too wealthy to qualify.

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Black Homeless Man Sleeping When He Was Set On Fire By White Teens (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Black Youth Project

These teens should be caught and tried for attempted murder.

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Former Street Child Confronts Pope Francis: Why Does God Allow Child Prostitution To Happen?

Photo Credit: Dominic Barrios / CBCP News

In front of 30,000 people, a 12-year-old asks a question that even the Pope doesn’t have an answer for.

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Redditors Share Their Heart-Wrenching Experiences Growing Up In Poverty

Photo Credit: ArmyAmber / Pixabay

You don’t realize how great your life is until you’ve read a few of these.

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You Might Mistake Him For A Homeless Guy; He’s Really A Doctor Who Cares About People More Than Profits (VIDEO)

Featured image video credit: screen capture, Nation Swell, via youtube

Five days a week, every week for the past 23 years, this doctor has been going out into the streets to find and treat the homeless.

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If The World Were 100 People: See How You Fit In

Looking at the world's population through a different lens.

Sometimes it’s hard to picture the world’s population. By shrinking it down to 100 people, it’s easier to understand what the world is like.

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3.1 Million Workers Get A Well Deserved Raise As Minimum Wage Increases On Jan. 1st (VIDEO)

Image via Twitter,

Are you getting a well deserved raise on January 1st?

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Maribel Vs McDonalds: A Single Mom Fights For A Living Wage (VIDEO)

Screen Capture from

Should Maribel receive a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work? What’s your minimum wage story?

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Let’s Talk About Poor Shaming, And Why It Isn’t Okay

Image Credit: Wikipedia via Creative Commons

Poor shaming is a problem in America, and many of the myths about the abilities of impoverished people to do better contribute to the growing problem of classism.

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