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Zuckerberg Was Personally Warned About Russian Meddling By Obama And He Completely Blew It Off

It’s almost like he didn’t care.

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Don Trump Jr. Testified To The Senate Today And They Don’t Seem To Believe A Word He Said

WELL then.

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Facebook Just Confirmed Russia Spent At Least $100k On Ads To Influence Election

Well, there it is. This raises a TON of questions.

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The Russia Investigation’s Special Counsel Just Made Trump’s Problems A Whole Lot Worse

Mueller just put a dark cloud over Trump’s 17-day getaway.

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BREAKING: Sessions Lied, Discussed Trump Campaign With Russian Government

Sessions should resign immediately.

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Hillary’s Campaign Account Hasn’t Tweeted Since Nov. 7, And Now It’s BEAUTIFULLY Trolling Donald Trump

This is perfectly hilarious!

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Hillary Just Showed The Whole World That She Can STILL Kick Trump’s A** (IMAGE)

She didn’t just own him with her tweet. There’s something in this that plays to Trump’s ego that shows just how badly she owned him.

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WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 16:  U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) speaks during a rally "to fight-back against the Republican war on the working class" February 16, 2017 at Upper Senate Park on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Activists held a rally to celebrate Andrew Puzder's decision to withdraw from consideration to be secretary of labor and Òto hold [President] Trump accountable to the working class."  (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Fear Of Being Defeated By Elizabeth Warren In 2020 Has Trump FREAKING OUT

The White House is stepping up the attacks on Senator Warren.

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Former GOP Rep. Thinks Adam Schiff Should Recuse Himself From Russia Probe Too, Because Reasons

This guy’s reasoning is absolute garbage.

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Russia Probe’s New Leader Disqualified Himself MONTHS Ago With One IDIOTIC Statement

Can House Republicans offer up anybody capable of running this investigation the way it needs to be run?

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The FBI’s Russia Investigation Just Took A Turn That Will TERRIFY Trump (DETAILS)

Sh*t’s getting real now.

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Obama Officials Were Forced To Take BIZARRE Measure To Ensure Trump Didn’t Hide Russia Documents

This is EXTRAORDINARY, and it’s frightening.

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Devin Nunes’ Credibility Is Officially SHATTERED – New York Times Reveals The Scope Of His Lies

Now would be a fantastic time for Nunes to resign from his position as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

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Donald Trump PANICS Over Russia And Fires Off Two Bizarre Tweets – Twitter CRUSHES Him (TWEETS)

It’s absolutely amazing that Trump is STILL pounding this drum.

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New Poll Paints A HUMILIATING Picture For Trump Just One Month Into His Presidency


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The Federal Election Commission Just Told Trump They’re DONE With His ‘Voter Fraud’ Lies

Their statement to him about these lies needed to be said.

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Trump’s Voter Fraud ‘Expert’ Just DISPROVED His Own Voter Fraud Argument In The Most Ironic Way Possible

And yet, we’re supposed to trust this guy when he says voter fraud is rampant?

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The Dallas Stars HILARIOUSLY Troll Donald Trump Over The Size Of His Inaugural Crowd (IMAGE)

This is just TOO good.

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Trump Just Waved His Magic Wand And Made Major Information On Climate Change Disappear (IMAGES)

Trump’s plan is simple: Pretend the issue isn’t there and then maybe it’ll go away entirely.

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Trump SCRAMBLING To Fill Over 600 Empty Posts – Literally Has ONE Option Ahead Of Swearing-In

Having to do this has to be galling for someone who insists he’s the best at everything.

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