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The Facebook Post Taking The Gun Debate By Storm: Gun Laws Should Be Like Abortion Laws

The Facebook Post Taking The Gun Debate By Storm: Gun Laws Should Be Like Abortion Laws

Absolutely brilliant.

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The Free Market WON’T Solve This: Volkswagen Scandal Is Why We NEED Regulations

VW is in trouble, and we have to wonder why they didn’t just do things above board from the start.

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Bill Maher Responds To GOP Repeal Of Beef-Label Law With New Party Slogan (VIDEO)

Republicans are attacking regulations that require beef producers to tell consumers where their meat originates from, so Bill Maher responded by suggesting a new slogan for the GOP.

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Non-GMO Project label

USDA Approves GMO-Free Labeling Standard

The USDA has now approved a new GMO-free labeling system as part of its successful USDA Process Verified program.

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Martin O’Malley Comes Out Swinging Against GOP, Calls Their Economic Theories ‘Bullsh*t’ (AUDIO)

O’Malley came out swinging at the Republican economic policies of trickle-down theory and fewer regulations.

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This Is Why Wall Street Banks Are Throwing A Hissy Fit Over Elizabeth Warren

Why are big banks waging war against Senator Elizabeth Warren? Because Elizabeth Warren refuses to bow down to them.

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The GOP Is Trying To Stop Obama Admin’s New Fracking Regulations

The GOP Is Trying To Stop Obama Admin’s New Fracking Regulations

Guess how much money they received from the oil and gas industry. Hint: It’s a lot.

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Republican Senator: Food Servers Shouldn’t Have To Wash Their Hands After Using Bathroom (VIDEO)

If Republican Senator Thom Tillis has his way, restaurant employees would be able to literally wipe their asses with their bare hands and then prepare and serve food to customers without washing their hands first. Gross.

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Ted Cruz Ignorantly And Dangerously Bashes Net Neutrality as ‘Obamacare For The Internet’

Cruz sends off embarrassing tweets that show he has no idea what he is talking about. As if that would surprise anyone.

Recycled fracking wastewater. Drink up! (Photo courtesy of

Ohioans Wary Of Uses For ‘Recycled’ Radioactive Fracking Waste (VIDEO)

Many are, of course, worried about the “recycling” centers, themselves. You tell us, America. Do you trust that this mysterious, radioactive sludge is being “recycled” well enough to dump on landfills, eventually slipping into the groundwater supply?

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Got Nano? FDA Powerless To Regulate Nanoparticles Already Being Added To Your Milk

The introduction of nanoparticles into food has already begun – and there is nothing the FDA can do to regulate, or even label, them.

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TransCanada CEO Russ Girling. (Photo courtesy of CBC News.)

Nebraska Residents Allege TransCanada Lobbying County Planning Commission Over Pipeline Regulations In Closed Meeting

Citizens are concerned about Big Oil’s infiltration of closed-door county meetings.

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Seven Lies Conservatives Tell About Jobs To Scare Us Into Doing Whatever They Want

Recent reports have launched a new round of right-wing lies about Keystone XL, the ACA, and jobs. Here are the seven most common lies about jobs, debunked.

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80 Years Of Republican Bullsh*t (QUIZ)

Republicans have been using the same lies for 8 decades. Don’t believe us? Then try to match up the lie to the Republican. Good luck!

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Without Government Regulations, Hundreds Would Likely Have Perished On Flight 214 (VIDEO)

Government regulations save lives every day, as the passengers of Flight 214 can well attest to.

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Patients Suffer As Generic Drug Manufactures Aren’t Held Accountable

Why bother holding big pharma and other corporations accountable for hurting people? Thanks a lot, Supreme Court.

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Senator Mitch McConnell

McConnell Vows To Protect Citizens United And The Fiction Of Corporate Personhood (Video)

Mitch McConnell calls any measure to limit corporate expenditures during elections ‘absurd’.

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FBI Director Confirms Drone Use On American Soil With No Regulations Or Oversight (VIDEO)

Robert Muller has confirmed that drones are used on American soil without oversight. Should the American people be concerned?

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Cyber attack on Bank of America?  @ NYT

Bank Of America Will Give You $500 For Kicking Someone Out Of Their House

As Bank of America and others remain ‘too big to fail,’ we will continue to see these high levels of corruption, fraud and abuse. Homeowners suffer.

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Maddow Attacks Mississippi Conservatives On Abortion (VIDEO)

Maddow Attacks Mississippi Conservatives On Abortion (VIDEO)

If they expect to keep abortion rates down, this isn’t the way to do it. All this is going to do is hurt women.

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