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Racist, Religiously Bigoted GOP Rep. Says America Needs An NAAWP (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture WZTV via youtube

Tennessee state representative Sheila Butt is under fire after she called for the establishment of a ‘Council on Christian Relations’ and an ‘NAAWP’ on Facebook.

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Louie Gohmert In Hot Water After Spending Money Donated To His Political Campaign On Foreign Travel

Image credit: Louie Gohmert (Credit: AP/Manuel Balce Ceneta) via

A complaint filed with the Office of Congressional Ethics shows that Louie Gohmert (R- Texas) used money donated to his Congressional campaign fund to pay for expenses he accrued during a lavish trip outside of the United States, last fall.

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Newest Right-Wing Hero Claims Filing Taxes Is ‘Against His Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs’ (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture, Free Kent Hovind, via youtube

Kent Hovind, currently serving the last year of a ten-year prison sentence for tax evasion, banking crimes, threatening federal agents and more, claims that taxes are a violation of his sincerely held religious beliefs. Cue the right wing nut jobs…

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Radical Right Are Losing Their Sh!t Over Pope’s Encyclical On Climate Change (TWEETS)

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Right wing blogs and nutters on social media are exploding over Pope Francis’ upcoming encyclical on climate change. They’re frickin’ losing it!

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‘A B*tch Who Doesn’t Get Laid Enough': Deranged Gun Nuts Launch Sexist Attack Against MDA Founder (Images)

Image credit: Lukebryansucks, aka Matt, via twitter

Right wing gun nuts just launched a torrent of disturbingly sexist tweets at Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action.

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‘Where Ya’ll At?’ Hilarious Compilation Of Right Wing Nut Rally Fails (VIDEO)

Image credit: Erica Werner, via Twitter

Here’s a fun look back at some of this year’s biggest Tea Party rally fails.

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President Obama Demonstrates True Class In Handling Chicago Hecklers (VIDEO)

Featured image credit:

This is why I love our president.

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St. Louis Cop Who Killed VonDerrit Myers Exposed As Racist Right Wing Extremist

Featured image credit; St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Surprise, surprise: yet another cop who killed a black man has had his identity exposed, and it turns out that he is a flaming racist.

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Lunatic Pastor Says Gays Are Spreading Ebola Through Starbucks And Bowling (VIDEO)

Image Credit: screen capture, the Manning Report on youtube

Pastor James David Manning, otherwise known as Harlem’s infamous “homo-demons” preacher, is at it again. Manning, the hysterical, attention-seeking, but money-loving mis-leader of ATLAH Worldwide Church in New York City, took right-wing fear mongering to a whole new level during a recent episode of the ‘Manning Report.’ In the video, which […]

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‘Responsible’ Gun Owner Shot In The Face By Toddler During Cozy Nap With Pistol

Image credit:

According to local reports, the gun fell to the floor at some point while the “responsible gun owner” was sleeping.

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Heavily Armed Right Wing Terrorist Stalks Tennessee School

Image Credit: screen capture, WSMV-TV Nashville

Police and school officials received an influx of calls from parents and concerned citizens, after an armed man, wearing a bullet proof vest, was spotted by dozens of witnesses, pacing back and forth on the sidewalk in front of Nashville’s Hillsboro High School, on September 17, 2014. The gunman, Leonard […]

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Air Force Drops ‘So Help Me God’ Requirement From Enlistment Oath

Image Credit:

Altering the rules that govern a branch of the US military, in order to further your own religious or political agenda, should be absolutely forbidden.

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Right Wing Nut Job Finds Undeniable Proof That America Is A Christian Nation: Bacon! (VIDEO)

Image Credit;

What’s sad is that Fischer is one of the most listened to right wing personalities in the country.

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Serial Child Rapist: ‘Sons Of Guns’ Star, William Hayden, Charged With Raping Four Girls, Age 11-13

William Hayden, source Livingston Parish Sheriff's Department

The 19 year old daughter of William Hayden, star of the now cancelled Discovery Channel reality TV show, Sons of Guns, has come forward to say that her father also raped her while she was growing up. This makes the fourth victim to come forward saying that she was raped […]

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Idiot Open Carry Mob Surrounds Cops In Texas: None Dead, But Some Jailed (VIDEOS)

Kory Watkins, Joseph Tye and Janie Lucero Image Credit

Three members of open carry Terrant County, in Texas, were arrested yesterday, after they tried to show the cops how big and bad they are, one too many times. Newsflash, cops are not unarmed moms. Therefore, maybe it’s not such a great idea to surround them with your big, bad […]

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Armed Ammosexuals Harass Unarmed Moms Demand Action Members AGAIN (VIDEO)

Image Credit: Kristine Eggert, Twitter

  They might be dumber than a box of rocks, but they’ve got guns, so that makes them big and important in their own minds. Because nothing shows what a big, strong man you are, quite like needing a gun to talk to group of unarmed moms, right? On Sunday, […]

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Discovery Channel Cancels ‘Sons Of Guns’ Series After Star Arrested For Aggravated Rape Of 12 Year Old

William Hayden photo credit

On August 12, I reported that William Hayden, founder of Red Jacket Firearms and star of the Discovery Channel’s reality TV show, Sons of Guns, was arrested on charges of “molestation of a juvenile” and “crimes against nature.” At the time, what was known about the case was that a […]

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“I Kill Everybody, I Don’t Care.” Mentally Deranged, Right Wing Fanatic Cop Suspended In Ferguson (VIDEO)

Image Credit: CS Monitor

A fourth police officer has been suspended in St. Louis, after a violent episode in which he pushed CNN reporter Don Lemon. After the incident, CNN reporters began looking into the background of officer Dan Page. They turned up a video which should send shivers down the spine of every civilized […]

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Sons Of Guns Star Arrested On Child Molestation Charges Gave Conflicting Stories To Police, Press

William Hayden photo credit

Will Hayden, one of the stars of the Discovery Channel’s TV show, Sons Of Guns, was arrested Friday on charges of molestation of a Juvenile and aggravated crimes against nature. He spent Friday night in the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison, before being released on $150,000 bond, on Saturday. Hayden […]

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GOP “Christian” Politician Guns Down Neighbor In Shooting Rampage

GOP “Christian” Politician Guns Down Neighbor In Shooting Rampage

Tye  Glenn “Champ” was arrested on Friday following a shooting spree that seriously wounded a neighbor, killed a horse and sent nearby witnesses scrambling for cover. He is currently being held in the Fresno County jail on multiple charges, including suspicion of attempted murder, willful cruelty to a child, willful cruelty […]

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