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The Christmas tree is one of many pagan traditions which have been adopted by Christians. No big deal, we're happy to share.

Clueless Kirk Cameron Says That Pagans ‘Stole’ Christmas, Ignores Actual History… Again

With a movie he produced about his favorite holiday opening on Friday, Kirk Cameron is hitting the (mostly Christian) talk circuit to plug it. “Saving Christmas” is, according to him, going to save Christmas while pissing off atheists. But why stop with atheists when you can piss off the Pagans, […]

This Saturnalia billboard in Pitman, NJ has drawn several attempted acts of vandalism. Why is it such a big deal? Their Christ banner still hangs downtown.
Photo credit: South Jersey Times

Atheist Billboard Set On Fire By ‘Christian’ Vandals

Saturnalia sign a response to Christmas banner. Pitman, NJ is the site of a huge billboard which proclaims, “Keep the Saturn in Saturnalia.” The sign was erected by the Freedom From Religion Foundation in response to… well, you probably have the gist of this already. But it’s complicated. The main […]

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Religious Fox Contributor Says ‘War On Christmas’ Is Silly (VIDEO)

Religious Fox Contributor Says ‘War On Christmas’ Is Silly (VIDEO)

The ‘war on Christmas’ is silly, says Father Jonathan Morris.

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