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Mike Pence Once Said The Most INSANELY LAUGHABLE Thing About Condoms On CNN

This is too ridiculous for words.

by Rika Christensen· · News
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Planned Parenthood Worker Rains Holy Hell On Ignorant Right-Wing A**hole On Social Media

Planned Parenthood workers are sick and tired of being harassed by conservative pricks, and they aren’t taking it anymore.

by Stephen D Foster Jr· · News
Watch Anti-Sex Education Parents Screech And Threaten Violence At School Board Meeting (VIDEO)

Watch Anti-Sex Education Parents Screech And Threaten Violence At School Board Meeting (VIDEO)

The sex education class is optional! It’s optional! Jeebus.

by Bob Cesca· · Discredited Right-Wing Myths, News
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Prudish Tennessee Mom Wants Book Discussing Cervical Cancer Banned For Being ‘Too Graphic’

Comprehensive sex-ed and health classes could solve a lot of this woman’s problems.

by Rika Christensen· · News
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Today In Anti-Woman Lunacy: Women Are Sluts That Need Jobs, Not Contraceptives

This idea that making contraception easily affordable means taxpayers are paying for young women to have sex, instead of keep an aspirin between their knees, has got to go.

by Rika Christensen· · News
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The Prude Police Sail Into The Halls Of Congress On Their Crusade To Ban Adult Materials

The morality police are out in force, trying to convince Congress that adult materials are dangerous for society, and we should ban them in order to stop violence and trafficking.

by Rika Christensen· · News
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Parents Flip After Private School’s Sex Ed. Field Trip To Smitten Kitten Adult Novelty Store

“What I saw happening on our trip, I thought it was beautiful because kids could talk to these sex educators without any shame, without any fear.”

by Dylan Hock· · Current Issues, News
S*men Will Cancerize Your Girlie Parts, And Other F@#$ed-Up Duggar Sex Wisdom (IMAGES)

S*men Will Cancerize Your Girlie Parts, And Other [email protected]#$ed-Up Duggar Sex Wisdom (IMAGES)

Ladies, did you know that sleeping with any man besides your husband will allow alien sp*rm to give your lady bits cancer? Well, now you do.

by John Prager· · News
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Judge Smacks Down Abstinence-Only Education: No, You Can’t Call That ‘Sex Ed’

A California judge just dismantled the arguments for abstinence-only education, common sense scores a major victory.

by Jameson Parker· · News
Teen Girl Suspended For Hilariously Realistic Answers On Sex-Ed Quiz (NSFW IMAGE)

Teen Girl Suspended For Hilariously Realistic Answers On Sex-Ed Quiz (NSFW IMAGE)

The moronic adults who are responsible for so many failed “abstinence-only” sex education policies could do with a lesson from this girl.

by Shannon Barber· · Current Issues, News
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Shocking: Chlamydia Rages In High School With No Sex Ed Curriculum (VIDEO)

300 high school kids with raging hormones and a school district that provides no sex ed curriculum. What could possibly go wrong?

by Elisabeth Parker· · News
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Medical Expert Live-Tweets Her Son’s Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Class With Increasing Rage

A woman who studies the best ways to teach sex education at Northwestern University just sat in on her son’s abstinence-only sex ed class. Things escalated quickly.

by Jameson Parker· · News
Teacher Not Allowed To Teach Sex-Ed, So He Gets Creative (VIDEO)

Teacher Not Allowed To Teach Sex-Ed, So He Gets Creative (VIDEO)

We need more creative teachers like this.

by Wendy Gittleson· · News
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Princeton Mom: Rape Is Just ‘Bad Manners’ And Schools Shouldn’t Teach Kids Otherwise (VIDEO)

After accusing rape victims of having “mistake sex”, Susan Patton goes on Fox & Friends to share more of her awful views.

by Vera· · News
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28 Girls Take A School Trip, 7 Return Pregnant: Still Think Kids Don’t Need Sex Ed? (VIDEO)

As right-wingers attack sex ed, we should take a lesson from these pregnant girls.

by Elisabeth Parker· · News
Fox News commenters are predictably brutal and judgmental when the yearbook in an Arizona high school devotes space to pregnant teens.

GOP Destroys Sex Ed In State With One Of The Highest Teen Pregnancy Rates

If Hawaii has too many pregnant young teen-age girls walking around, then it only makes sense to kill off the state sex education program. Right?

by Gloria Christie· · News