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Do You Drink Bottled Water Or Tap Water? Why?
Photo Credit: The Sierra Club

“Stealing” Water From Drought-Ridden California Desert? Thanks, Nestle.

Do you see all of those cute bottles of Arrowhead and Pure Life brand water chilling near your local checkout stand? Nestle® “makes” them.

by Gloria Christie· · News
Kids in Malawi work hard to get an education in schools with overcrowded classrooms and few furnishings or supplies. Photo courtesy of UNICEF's KIND (Kids In Need Of Desks) web page.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Pleads For Kids In Need Of Desks (VIDEO)

Kids in Malawi sit for hours on the ground to get their education, due to shortages in classroom space, supplies, and furnishings. Here’s how you can help.

by Teeluck Sooknarine· · News