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Photo Courtesy of Flickr. Taken by Michael S. Vadon. Bernie Sanders meets seniors in New Hampshire. October 30, 2015.

Bernie Sanders Gave EXCELLENT Speech On Israel, But Media Ignored It

As each presidential candidate gave a speech on Israel at the AIPAC conference in Washington DC, Bernie Sanders’ speech in Utah on the same subject was by far the best, yet media outlets decided not to cover it at all.

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Image via Cagle

‘Iran’ Sends Open Letter To Republicans Praising Them For Turning America Into Iran

As the fallout continues for the 47 Senate Republicans who sent a letter to Iran to wreck critical diplomatic negotiations with the Obama Administration, an open letter from “Iran” has popped up praising the GOP for all they have done to make America similar to the Islamic Republic.

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Photo of CPAC 2013 booth with fetal models from Twitter.

The Weirdness That Is CPAC: A Liberal’s Look

Let’s take a look at CPAC, a yearly gathering for America’s conservatives. It’s a scary picture, but as the old adage goes, ‘known thine enemy…’ and laugh.

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Boy Scouts photo cc 2008 by Steven Depolo via Flickr.

Here’s What Banning Gay Troop Leaders Will Cost Boy Scouts Of America: Disney Pulls Funding

The Boy Scouts’ ban on gay troop leaders is about to cost them big. The gay-friendly Disney Company said they’re cutting off their support after this year.

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The Santa Wars And Fox News’ Assault On Christmas

The Santa Wars And Fox News’ Assault On Christmas

It all began a week ago. Megyn Kelly, on her program, The Kelly Files, brought up an op-ed by Slate’s Aisha Harris. Harris wrote that it was confusing for her, as a black child, to see two different depictions of Santa Claus: one that shared her skin color at home […]

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New Yorker’s Sesame Street Marriage Equality Cover Draws Criticism From All Quarters

New Yorker’s Sesame Street Marriage Equality Cover Draws Criticism From All Quarters

When kids see Sesame Street’s Bert & Ernie on the New Yorker cover, they will see only two best friends. It’s just certain adults who will see ugliness.

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Talking Points Memo Inaugural Day Home Page

Ten Media Views Of Inauguration: Left Reports History While Right Pretends It Isn’t Even Happening

On the day of the President’s Inauguration, Sean Hannity’s featured story on his Home page was, ‘Stop USTA, National Junior Tennis Tournament Changes.’

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Representative Todd Akin (R-MO).

Say WHAT? Todd Akin Claims Doctors Perform Abortions On Women Who Aren’t Pregnant (VIDEO)

Did Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) actually conjure up a nightmarish fantasy about terrorist abortion doctors in dark pestilential pits ‘giving abortions to women who are not actually pregnant’ on the House floor?

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