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High School Teen Bullied, Trolled And Censored Because Of Her Name (VIDEO)

“They’ll call me a terrorist, or a freak, and say I don’t belong and stuff like that,” the Ontario teen told CBC News, during a March 22 interview.

by Randa Morris· · News
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Victim Of Bullying With Severe Facial Burns Finds Relief From Her Physical And Emotional Scars (VIDEO)

Samira was a victim of bullying that caused severe facial scars. Enter Basma Hameed, a paramedical tattoo specialist with a procedure she created and perfected on herself. The results are life-changing. See for yourself.

by Debi Johnson-Champ· · News
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This Is Why New York Has Just Outlawed Tattooing And Piercing Pets (IMAGES)

People who do this to their pets are going to get jail time from now on.

by Kerry-Anne· · News
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Oklahoma Man Beheads Coworker – Right-Wing Media Goes Into Hysterics

With the news of the tragic killing in Oklahoma, the right-wing media attempts to proclaim a man sporting Jesus tattoos as a radical Muslim.

by Nathaniel Downes· · News