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HuffPo Just Dropped The Mic On Internet Polls Saying Trump Crushed Hillary In Last Night’s Debate

Online polls are completely meaningless, and this is why.

by Rika Christensen· · News
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Twitter Rips The Huffington Post To Shreds Over This Photo Of Their Staff (TWEETS)

What’s wrong with this picture?

by Rika Christensen· · News
Let the poor eat better? NEVER!

Kansas Republican Actually Opposes The Poor Buying More Food

Only a Republican could oppose a tax cut on food so the poor can buy more of it. Jesus must be so proud…

by T. Steelman· · News
Talking Points Memo Inaugural Day Home Page

Ten Media Views Of Inauguration: Left Reports History While Right Pretends It Isn’t Even Happening

On the day of the President’s Inauguration, Sean Hannity’s featured story on his Home page was, ‘Stop USTA, National Junior Tennis Tournament Changes.’

by Lorraine Devon Wilke· · News
Political negotiation in the year 2013

Rise Of The ‘Cave’ Men: How The Media Is Turning ‘Compromise’ Into A Dirty Word

When did the fine art of compromise, the coming to terms with opposing sides, devolve into the realm of the weak? Become ‘caving?’

by Lorraine Devon Wilke· · Current Issues, News
Chambliss vs. Norquist @

Is The GOP Breaking Up With Grover Norquist? (VIDEO)

At a time when the GOP has lost their finger-on-the-pulse of the electorate and wiser minds will survive only if they shuck off old thinking, Grover Norquist has become…old thinking.

by Lorraine Devon Wilke· · Current Issues, News
Benghazi Emails: Smoking Gun Or Fog Of War?

Benghazi Emails: Smoking Gun Or Fog Of War?

Intelligence experts caution that initial reports from the scene of any attack or disaster are often inaccurate.