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A 90-Year-Old Glenn Beck Delivers A Dire Message From The Future (VIDEO)

Video Screenshot

This is the most insane thing Glenn Beck has ever done.

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Santa Is Satan! Pastor Joins Atheists In ‘War On Christmas’ (VIDEO)

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Is Christmas about religion, capitalism, a combination of the two, or something entirely different? Is this the season of Santa Claus or Satan Claws?!?

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Colbert Nails Torture Report. Will He Miss O’Reilly? ‘F-ck That Noise!’ (VIDEO)

Image via video screen capture

Colbert on O’Reilly: “Yeah, but no one’s going to pay me to watch him anymore, so f-ck that noise!”

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See How The Standard Of Western Beauty Has Changed Over The Years In Just One Minute (VIDEO)

This model shows us beauty from every decade since 1900.

Watch in a minute as a model is transformed into examples of beauty from every decade since 1900.

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Spray-On Solar Power Breakthrough: Turn Any Surface Into A Solar Panel (VIDEO)

Image source: Image has been cropped.

“My dream is that one day you’ll have two technicians with Ghostbusters backpacks come to your house and spray your roof.” – Illan Kramer, inventor and post-doctoral fellow at the University of Toronto

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‘Where Ya’ll At?’ Hilarious Compilation Of Right Wing Nut Rally Fails (VIDEO)

Image credit: Erica Werner, via Twitter

Here’s a fun look back at some of this year’s biggest Tea Party rally fails.

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Catholic League’s Donohue: Atheists Are Insane, Need Therapy, And Die Young (VIDEO)

Image Source:

“Militant” atheists die prematurely, are unhappy and are more likely to end up in an “asylum.” Really?

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The Whole World Is Watching This Incredible Ice Walk (VIDEO)

Video Screenshot

This video of two men walking on a crystal clear lake is a must watch.

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Off-Duty Black Police Officer Racially Profiled, Assaulted By Group Of Cops (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture, PIX 11, via youtube

‘If they’ll do this to me, the average Joe doesn’t stand a chance.’

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High Salaries For Black Athletes Are God’s Reparations For Slavery Says Pastor Rick Joyner (VIDEO)

Image Source:

This ‘revelation’ came to Joyner while he was preaching ‘God’s interpretation’ of the unrest in Ferguson.

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Kansas Minister Gets Violent Death Threats For Conducting Same-Sex Marriages (VIDEO)

Image via Raw Story

Bible thumpin’ bigot to Rev. Carter: “I’m going to chop your head off and put it on a stick and carry it around the town square.” WWJD?

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Watch: New York’s Mayor Addresses Eric Garner Grand Jury Decision (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture, PBS NewsHour via youtube

“Black lives matter. It’s a phrase that should never have to be said, but our history, sadly, requires us to say that black lives matter.”

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Right Wing Celebrates Terrorist Attack On Austin, Texas (VIDEO)

Image credit: screen capture, podblanc

A right-wing media outlet dubbed Larry Steve McQuilliams, the man who used a machine gun to terrorize the city of Austin, a “white hero.”

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Over $250K Donated To Rebuild Ferguson Bakery Vandalized During Protests (VIDEO)

Image via screen capture from

Friends and compassionate strangers have donated over $360K to rebuild Ferguson area businesses!

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Epic Hug: White Officer And Tearful 12-Year-Old Black Protester Hug At Ferguson Rally (VIDEO)

Image attribution: Johnny Nguyen/Special to the Oregonian

Will relations between police and the African-American community ever mirror this photo?

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Newly Released 911 Tape Shows Cops Racially Profiled Dillon Taylor In Salt Lake City Shooting (VIDEO)

Image Credit: SLPD body cam video, via KUFRNEWS, youtube

Audio from the 911 call that cost Dillon Taylor his life shows he was stopped for being “black” or “Mexican” and having “something in his pocket.”

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Obama Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon: ‘Most Talked About Executive Action This Month’ (VIDEO)

Image: screen capture via

“Some will call this amnesty,” Obama said, “but don’t worry, there’s plenty of turkey to go around.”

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Video of Police Fatally Shooting 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice Released (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Rice Family

Do you think this is another white cop on black youth killing… or a justified action by police?

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Anonymous Plasters KKK Leader’s Personal And Financial Information On The Internet (VIDEO)

Image via Screenshot

Another shot has been fired by Anonymous in their war against the KKK, and Imperial Wizard Frank Ancona had better start changing his account numbers.

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WATCH: ‘Abused In An Elevator’ Social Experiment Produces Shockingly Sad Results (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: Video screen capture, STHLM Panda, via youtube

Imagine walking onto an elevator and seeing a man assaulting his girlfriend. He slaps her. He pins her against the wall, screaming “You’re nothing, you understand? You’re worthless!” As she cowers with her head down, he becomes increasingly more violent, jerking her around by the arms, shouting “I will kill […]

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