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Newly Released 911 Tape Shows Cops Racially Profiled Dillon Taylor In Salt Lake City Shooting (VIDEO)

Image Credit: SLPD body cam video, via KUFRNEWS, youtube

Audio from the 911 call that cost Dillon Taylor his life shows he was stopped for being “black” or “Mexican” and having “something in his pocket.”

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Obama Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon: ‘Most Talked About Executive Action This Month’ (VIDEO)

Image: screen capture via

“Some will call this amnesty,” Obama said, “but don’t worry, there’s plenty of turkey to go around.”

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Video of Police Fatally Shooting 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice Released (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Rice Family

Do you think this is another white cop on black youth killing… or a justified action by police?

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Anonymous Plasters KKK Leader’s Personal And Financial Information On The Internet (VIDEO)

Image via Screenshot

Another shot has been fired by Anonymous in their war against the KKK, and Imperial Wizard Frank Ancona had better start changing his account numbers.

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WATCH: ‘Abused In An Elevator’ Social Experiment Produces Shockingly Sad Results (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: Video screen capture, STHLM Panda, via youtube

Imagine walking onto an elevator and seeing a man assaulting his girlfriend. He slaps her. He pins her against the wall, screaming “You’re nothing, you understand? You’re worthless!” As she cowers with her head down, he becomes increasingly more violent, jerking her around by the arms, shouting “I will kill […]

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Kirk Cameron: How To Minister To Gay People, Redux (VIDEO)

Kirk Cameron (Image courtesy of Flickr)

A comedy duo tears into Kirk Cameron for his LGBT H8.

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Did Fox News Use Same-Sex Wedding Photo To Promote ‘Traditional Marriage’? Yep! (VIDEO)

Image credit; Pundifact, via Being Liberal, via Have a Gay Day on facebook

Fox News tried to say that a photo of a same sex couple was not used by one of their journalists to promote “traditional marriage.” Here’s the proof that it was.

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Half-Naked ‘Hermaphrodite’ Winnie-The-Pooh Banned As Playground Mascot (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture, The Young Turks, via youtube

These people actually banned Winnie-the-Pooh because he wears no pants. One of them even suggested that the beloved bear might be a hemaphrodite.

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Dinesh D’Souza Calls Obama A ‘Spoiled Brat’ Who Needs To Be ‘Spanked’ (VIDEO)

Image via screengrab

“This president is lawless,” cried the conservative convicted felon currently on probation for election fraud.

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Cops Vandalized Candlelight Vigil For CPD Shooting Victim; Arrested Friends, Family (VIDEO)

Featured Image: LaKendra Lottie's father speaks at a protest against police brutality. Screen capture,  Jacob Klippenstein, via youtube

A 19-year-old student, Lakendra Lottie, has been in jail since late August. Lottie was one of seven mourners arrested by Chicago Police at a candlelight vigil in honor of CPD shooting victim, DeSean Pittman. The 17-year-old shooting victim was killed by a Chicago police officer on August 24. Days after […]

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Bernie Sanders Isn’t Putting Up With Any Of CNN’s Right Wing Talking Points (VIDEO)

Image via CNN

Bernie Sanders doesn’t hold back when it comes to exposing CNN’s thinly veiled right wing talking points.

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Anonymous Releases Footage Of St. Louis Cops In Response To Mayor’s Statement (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: screen capture, Anon Dad, via youtube

During a news conference held on Wednesday, November 12, St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay said that police are “not a part of the problem.”

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Newly Widowed Father Sings Lullaby To His Dying Baby, Breaks Hearts Across The World (Video)

Image via KTLA

Chris Picco has suffered a tragedy greater than many people can imagine. He broke our hearts when he decided to share his experience with the world.

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Jon Stewart Responds To Being Called Anti-Semitic: ‘Go F*ck Yourself’

Image via Comedy Central

The idea that any criticism of Israel at all is “anti-Semitic” is one that has been pushed here in the United States for decades. But Jon Stewart, himself a Jew, responded to allegations of anti-Semitism leveled against him with a statement that even Fox News would find it hard to […]

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Maternity Leave In The United States Vs. The Rest Of The World (VIDEO)

Screen shot of Buzzfeed video

Paid maternity leave is absolutely a must have for women who have just given birth.

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Watch A Rutgers Professor Systematically Destroy The Fox News Talking Points On The Minimum Wage

Screengrab via Media Matters

Fox News brought an actual expert and thought they could get away with the usual talking points… It didn’t go well.

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Whoops! Megyn Kelly Welcomes “Mike Huckabee, Host Of F*ckabee” (VIDEO)

Image Credit; screen capture wvckm, via youtube

Faux News host, Megyn Kelly, made a hilarious on-air blunder yesterday, when welcoming “Mike Huckabee, host of F*ckabee” to her show.

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Watch: Woman Clubs Man In The Head With Shoe, Starts Insane NY Subway Brawl (VIDEO)

Screen capture, MrDratliff23 via youtube

A viral video shows a woman clubbing a man over the head with her “fashionable footwear” leading to a full-scale brawl on the NY subway.

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Watch: College Students Struggle To Name Vice President, Ace Questions About Brad Pitt’s Love Life

Screengrab via YouTube

If these college kids represent our nation’s future, we may be in trouble.

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Little Girl Heckling Annoying Street Preacher Is The Hero We Need (VIDEO)

Screengrab via Live Leak

This girl says out loud what my brain is screaming every time I pass an obnoxious street preacher telling me I’m going to hell.

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