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GOP Launches 3-Prong Attack on Women, Hillary Clinton Responds With Epic Trifecta Tweet (VIDEO)

If Republicans want to wage a war on women, they’ll have to go through Hillary first.

by Frank Minero· · News
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Did Fox News Use Same-Sex Wedding Photo To Promote ‘Traditional Marriage’? Yep! (VIDEO)

Fox News tried to say that a photo of a same sex couple was not used by one of their journalists to promote “traditional marriage.” Here’s the proof that it was.

by Randa Morris· · News
The Angry Feminist And The War On Men

The Angry Feminist And The War On Men

In her FOX article, The War On Men, Venker attempts to enlighten us—or I should say enlighten FOX readers—on why men don’t want to marry women.

by Kimberley Johnson· · News