Things The Republican Congress Has Done, INSTEAD Of Creating Jobs

Author: March 8, 2011 11:16 am

Republicans said if they took control of the House of Representatives they would start creating jobs. This is a list of some ofthe things they’ve done, instead of creating jobs. Click on each example to find a link to an article regarding that issue If you have anything to add, please include it in the comments.

  1. Symbolically read the constitution, skipped parts of it, and also read part of the Declaration of Independence, while still claiming to be reading the constitution.
  2. 2 Congressman swore themselves in by watching the swearing-in ceremony on TV, without actually attending. They later had to be sworn in again, and 2 of their votes were deemed invalid since they had not been properly sworn in.
  3. “Symbolically” voted to repeal the healthcare bill. Spent hours debating it beforehand, even though they knew it was purely symbolic and would not become law.
  4. Attempting to de-fund Global Warming research.
  5. Attempting to defund healthcare, which is also mostly symbolic.
  6. Proposed a budget that would cut billions of dollars in aid to the poor, the homeless, and women and children.
  7. Extended the Patriot Act.
  8. Attempted to cut all funding for Planned Parenthood and PBS.
  9. Attempted to redefine rape to no longer include statutory rape, incest rape, or drugged rape.
  10. Cut Pell Grants
  11. Attempting to cut 1 billion dollars from Head Start. This would mean that over 200,000 kids would lose their spots in preschool.
  12. Working on adding guidelines to delay implementation of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal, despite overwhelming support for its repeal.
  13. Proposed a bill that would let a hospitalized pregnant woman die instead of having a life saving abortion, if she needed it.
  14. Holding hearings into “radicalization” in the American Muslim community.
  15. Attempted to cut money to Veterans.
  16. 1 married Republican congressman was found to be looking for women on craigslist.
  17. Refused to compromise on a budget and are threatening a Government shutdown, which will put thousands of people out of work.
  18. Made 2 responses to President Obama’s State of the Union Address. Neither of them offered any real solutions to create jobs.
  19. Currently considering privatizing Medicare.
  20. Voted to fund chemical contraception for wild horses, but voted to cut funding for contraception for human women.
  21. Voted to continue spending millions of tax payer dollars to sponsor a NASCAR racecar.
  22. Michelle Bachmann stated she believes Glenn Beck is qualified to solve the budget deficit.
  23. John Boehner has decided to use the Congress to defend DOMA in court, since the Justice Department will no longer defend it.
  24. Voted against letting the last surviving, American, World War 1 veteran be honored in the Capitol building’s rotunda, after he passed away.
  25. John Boehner has said himself that if jobs are lost because of his proposed cuts to the budget “so be it”.
  26. John Boehner has cried excessively over his own personal history, but has not cried once for the millions of Americans who lost their jobs thanks to policies he supported while Bush was President. Policies he still supports.

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  • republicans believe in Reagen trickle down effect will save us all but the truth is , big tax breaks for big business is just that there is no trickle down effect the rich get richer the middle class is no more and the poor get poorer the money stays at the top??

  • All of this bickering is a prime example of why our politics are failing us in America. Our country is built on greed – plain and simple. We are proving to the world that we have no ethics in how we conduct our elections or how we create legislature. Back in the day when everyone claims it was the time of opportunity, the rich paid significantly higher taxes then they do now. Everyone cries about having to pay more yet when you hold 90 percent of the wealth I think it is only fair that you pay 90 percent of the taxes. We keep cutting taxes for companies so that they can “create more jobs” yet the jobs don’t seem to be here. CEOs and corporations sure seem to be doing okay though. Conservatives don’t want Government involved unless it comes to our bedrooms or our bodies. They want to force women to have children but do nothing to help educate those kids. Does no one care about the future??? Can’t we focus on our commonalities and put our petty crap aside? – oh but we can’t because in a country where the majority is ” all about me”. Let our working class pay, cut education when we are already miserably behind other countries, claim to be Christians and then to hell with the elderly, the sick and the children! Why don’t people see it?

    • 1. “Our country is built on greed – plain and simple.” That greed is the greed on control as wielded by the left abd their desire to control the behavior of the populace. “ We are proving to the world that we have no ethics in how we conduct our elections or how we create legislature.” A byproduct of electing career politicians by an electorate who can only be bothered when things are desperate. “Back in the day when everyone claims it was the time of opportunity, the rich paid significantly higher taxes then they do now.” And it took Supply side economics to allow the real wealth of capitalism to be realized. Don’t believe me, take a look at the historic chart of the DOW. Basically flat lines until the 80’s. “Everyone cries about having to pay more yet when you hold 90 percent of the wealth I think it is only fair that you pay 90 percent of the taxes.” Good you agree that a flat tax rate is the only fair tax rate. Agreed! “We keep cutting taxes for companies so that they can “create more jobs” yet the jobs don’t seem to be here.” A byproduct of those career politicians who created tax incentives for businesses to relocate overseas back in the 70’s. I’m telling you only a career politician can be that twisted. “CEOs and corporations sure seem to be doing okay though.” Let’s hope so, these are the guys paying your wages. “Conservatives don’t want Government involved unless it comes to our bedrooms or our bodies.” No they don’t want gov’t there either. “They want to force women to have children but do nothing to help educate those kids.” That line of crap worked back in the 70’s when there was a woman’s movement, but today the majority believe in the right to life and in a democracy, the majority rules unless there are career politicians involved. “Does no one care about the future???” Yes, and the change should show up in a year or so. “Can’t we focus on our commonalities and put our petty crap aside?” I hope so. “ – oh but we can’t because in a country where the majority is ” all about me”. Narcissism is not a fault of the majority. “Let our working class pay, cut education when we are already miserably behind other countries,” This is what happens when you spend money like water, but that’s what career politicians do because the left spends money like it is water and now the well is dry and they can’t stop. Like crack addicts. “claim to be Christians and then to hell with the elderly, the sick and the children!” Go to a health care center and chances are you’ll find a local church group involved in the care of the residents there. “Why don’t people see it?” Because your vision isn’t the truth. You asked!

  • Stephen Trusas

    First, you have to stop and look at the deep emotional problem that Speaker Of The House, John “Boner” Boehner has. It is not normal for a grown man to suddenly burst into tears in front of Reporters when he opens his front door. It’s evident that he’s not right in the head. The GOP should have given him time off and gently steered him to a Psychiatrist for evaluation.

    With serious emotional problems clouding his thinking, he should not be advising his Colleagues on what actions need to be taken to address the Nations problems.

    It’s obvious that he’s not thinking clearly and the rest of the Republican Party should be careful on acting on his opinions and ideas. If I cried at work for no apparent reason, you can bet your sweet little behind that my employer would put me on Medical Leave.

  • You forgot to mention my “gem” of a Representative… Doug Lamborn (R-CO) pushed through an emergency bill, bypassing committee and markup, to de-fund NPR. Lamborn claimed that the purpose was to “save money”, despite the CBO report to the contrary. He’s all about continuing subsidies to big oil and crowing that “it’s time kicking big bird out of the nest” (he introduced the bill to de-fund PBS too). Living in “Focus on the Family” land is a political dead zone, but Pike’s Peak is beautiful all year! :)

  • I love how the few Republicans who’ve made comments in here have been completely ill-informed to the point of delusion… they say one thing which is patently untrue like “the dems are in control of the house” and leave without so much as a chance for retort. I guess their heads were starting to dry out and needed the moisture from being tucked way up their asses!

  • James Bowen

    One bill the republicans passed in the house was blatantly unconstitutional. It was supposedly self enacting if the senate didn’t pass it and the president didn’t sign it. They may have read the constitution, but clearly they didn’t understand it.

  • Don’t forget to make a similar list for the Democratic side of the aisle. They are just as guilty for the state of the union. Congress as a whole has no idea how to get us out of this mess because they had no idea how to stop it from happening in the first place. If you subscribe and live by the ideals of either party, your part of the problem. Real Americans don’t want to be lead by the left, we dont want to be lead by the right, we don’t want to be lead by a self proclaimed centrist, WE want to lead our own lives and make our decisions for ourselves. Only WE can decide whats best for us. There are people who make things happen, there are people who wonder what happened and there are people that watch things happen. Which person are you???

  • Let’s not forget they said they didn’t have time to deal with renewing the START Treaty regulating nukes with Russia. But they had enough time to destroy women’s reproductive rights.

  • Every credible economist out there has said that defunding “obamacare” will add to the deficit. Every. Single. One. But here you are, basically saying, hey, go for it anyway! And yet, you somehow think that it’s wrong for you to be bashed for such idiocy when it’s YOUR side whining the loudest about deficits? Whatever…

    As for the “refuse to debate” part, were you in a coma all last year? Because those of us who were awake saw the GOP basically turn the Senate into the chamber where bills went to die by filibustering EVERYTHING.

    And keep ignoring how the stimulus bill saved thousands of jobs. The most ironic part about that bill is for all the GOP b*tching about the Recovery Act, it was THAT money that allowed idiots like Gov. Perry in TX to hide the TRUE effects of their sh*tty fiscal policies long enough for them to be re-elected in 2010.

    As for Alinsky, you’re seriously deluded if you think he wouldn’t be fighting the GOP’s attacks on the middle class tooth and nail.

  • The Republicans have the house and not the senate. They voted on defunding obamacare but the senate won’t. When the Repubs have majority in senate more will get done. The Dems owned the house, the senate and Obama, what did they do to create jobs? where is their plan. All they do is bash, insult, demagogue and refuse to debate. A sorry lot of people with not too many brains. Alinsky would turn in his grave.

    • Obama and the dem. Congress got more things done to help than to hurt. The problem was the filibuster-crazy
      republican Senate. Obstructionists, and they are still doing it. If the repubs get the WH and Senate,
      the dems should filibuster everything that does not help the economy, jobs, and fix SS and Medicare, not
      destroy them. That’s the only way to avoid complete disaster and privatization of the country.

  • James Bowen

    They voted for a self enacting unconstitutional bill that they claimed would go into effect without the passage of the bill by the senate or the signature of the President.


    Both sides need to realize that the United States is being weakened by doing nothing! If I was heading towards bankruptcy, I would find ways to cut back on my spending. Mr. Obama has failed to see this, Congress has failed to see this, the Media has failed to see this. This is war against the doing nothing party, we must take a stand and say NO to the crazy spending of President O. He must be voted out of office, Congress must be voted out of office or there will be revolution in the land. Stop wasting vaulable time!

    • James Bowen

      If I had bills to pay I wouldn’t go looking for a job that paid less than the one I had. In fact I might go looking for a second job. The congress had previous financial obligations (paying back loans for example) and cut the revenue stream through tax cuts. How stupid was that?

  • This is disgusting. Sometimes conservatives have good ideas, just like liberals have bad ideas at times, but this is going way too far. Do they really think the American public would be okay with this? Allowing hospitals to essentially murder women, deny them the medical procedures they need, allow people to be raped and then taking away their ability to defend themselves… this is fascism in its infancy.

  • The republicans have created plenty of jobs. From their tax cuts to the wealthy I got a great job cleaning this guys each.

  • Your nose is awfully brown.

  • Mike Barnes

    They’re working on ‘privatizing’ Social Security. That would mean handing money you and your employers have paid in to the system to Wall Street, the same people that wrecked the world’s economy, took $12.8 Trillion from the Fed and the Treasury from 2001-2008, and then got a TARP bailout directly from the Bush administration. These same people also gave themselves bonuses for wrecking the world’s economy, throwing millions out of work, and undoubtedly hastening some deaths.
    This ‘privatization’ will never include the option of handing you all of the money paid in by yourself and your employers so you can make your own investment decisions. What it will amount to is another socialized bailout of capitalism. You see, socialism for the citizens is bad, but for corporations it’s good.

  • The main problem, as I see it, is that they don’t even have a realistic plan for creating jobs. Once again, they are relying upon the patent nonsense that, if they lower the taxes of the wealthy even further and actually cut back existing jobs (which aren’t “REAL” jobs, because they are for the “gub’rmint”), then that will create jobs. If you are still waiting 30 years later for those trickles from the trickle-down effect, then maybe you will buy this line of malarky.

  • You suggest we visit your face book page which is closed to non friends

  • You libtards are forgetting one very important thing. Government does not create jobs. Businesses (small, medium, large) create jobs which the federal government prevents this from happening from all the regulations and taxes.

    Democrats think that by issuing new regulations that they are helping when they are actually hindering businesses.

    • James Bowen

      Government creates jobs all the time through contracting with the private sector to do the work necessary to run a modern nation. My wife worked in the private sector for thirty years running the safety services on federal highway projects often working ninety to 120 hours a week. The Recovery Act created dozens of jobs within a few miles of my rural home repairing and improving the federal highway long neglected by the republican congress. Right wing Republican congressman Steve King’s son operates a construction company dedicated to building ethanol plants in King’s district. King make the same claim as you do.

      • A few years ago, when the country plunged into the worst financial melt-down since the great depression, many of us thought that politicians would face-up to the terrible consequences brought about by unregulated greed. Instead, it seems that some very misguided politicians have decided to take it out on teachers, policemen, fireman and other public employees who had nothing to do with the shadowy, criminal world of collateralized-debt obligations, credit default swaps and off-shore “special-purpose vehicles” that were the real cause of the problem. With absolutely no regulations on these criminals we can expect another melt-down in the near future. As long as we continue to let corporate lobbyists write our laws this will continue the destruction of the middle class in America.

  • For those who still don’t get, but are able to read, check this out:

  • You are a liberal jackass who spews really stupid points to back up your demented mind.

  • Actually the married Rep. Congressman was trolling for women, Transvestites, or Transexuals.

  • Steve Cooperman

    Of course, they’ll blame it on Obama. But if they blame it on “the President”, let’s then talk about how no Republican President in the last 30 or so years has balanced the budget and many ran huge deficits, but Clinton balanced HIS budgets!

  • Republicans just down right dumb asses, I don’t give a care about who’s feelings I hurt when I say this , because the article speaks for itself. Contraceptives for WILD HORSES and not for women, just down right DUMB! Reading this article really speaks volumes about our congress’s majority, Dumb just Down Right Dumb!!!!!!

  • Kiran,

    by quick and easy, you mean obtuse and opinionated.

  • Quick and easy rebuttal:
    1- so what?
    2- so what?
    3- kind of what we voted them in to do.
    4- what we voted them in to do.
    …5- what we voted them in to do
    6- the cuts they proposed are 60B, they should have been upward of 500B, read the Rand Paul speech that I posted.
    Those cuts will come sooner or later, they will be more painless sooner.
    7- The most disappointing thing IMO that they have done. The president supporting that was disappointing first.
    8- What we have been voting them in to do for a long time now. They finally get it it seems.
    9- Not aware of this, but it makes sense.
    10- meh
    11- Not cut enough
    12- Meh
    13- Should be up to the states, not the Feds
    14- ?
    15- By jobs, what he means is government waste. He should have said it better.
    16- Don’t care if he cries or what he cries over.

    • 1. Their OATH is to ‘Protect and Defend the Constitution’ That’s ALL of it and I’d like to think they know the difference…

      6,8,10. If you think that making resources available for all is unimportant YOU SHOULD LEAVE THIS COUNTRY BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT’S ABOUT!

      9. The government has NO BUSINESS defining or re-defining rape. But if you think they do, then I SINCERELY think that, if anyone ever deserved to be raped, it’s you.

      Your “rebuttal” says to me that you have the empathy of an earthworm and I sincerely hope that, when the time comes that you need some of the services you think are so unimportant, that they have money enough to help 100 people and you’re 101.

      • Meredith
        1- Yes that is their oath.
        Most of what Congress has done in the last 50 years has been far from constitutional.
        Most of your favorite programs are not constitutional. You should read the damned document.

        None of those programs are constitutional, and none of them are the business of the Federal Govt.
        I am not leaving this country, it is mine. You can leave. go to one of your socialist paradises in Europe. Or Canada if you want.

        9- I deserve to be raped because I disagree with you huh?
        Because I think that voluntary sex between an 18 year old and a 16 year old is the same thing as forced sex?

        One day you may learn that having Empathy is not the same thing as wanting the government to be involved where it doesn’t belong, or thinking that the Fed Govt can solve all issues.

        I have empathy for the people of Libya, I want them to win. They likely won’t, and that saddens me, I still don’t think our government should get involved.

        • Kiran: re: the constitutionality of the New Deal and similar programs, including health care:

          This went to the Supreme Court back in the 20s – they said it was constitutional then. Welfare programs have survived several challenges. Strict constitutionalism ignores the intent of the founding fathers – it was never meant to be carved in stone. Jefferson thought we should rewrite the whole thing every 20 years or so.

          In every legal system, *interpreting* the core documents (Magna Carta, Constitution, etc) and applying the interpretations to new social needs is how it works.

          The world changes – you should try it sometime.

        • Kiran,
          If those programs you mentioned are so unconstitutional, why/how have they withstood judicial scrutiny numerous times since they passed? Defund Global Warming Research? No thanks, I like breathing. For some reason, silly me, I consider it necessary. Try taking a tour of Yellowstone National Park some day and tell us that Global Warming research is unnecessary. Yellowstone is fast approaching disaster area status because of global warming. Pretty soon it’s going to have to be considered off-limits to hikers and campers, because wolves, bears and other animals are losing their regular food sources. Ohwait, that’s right, I forgot, we can just go in and kill all the pesky wild animals that are some of the main reasons people visit the place, right? Did you also know that most of the rivers and streams are off-limits to anglers because they are so dry, because the snow melts so early in the year? Who cares, right? Maybe the people that like to fish? Or maybe even some people that might rely on that fishing to eat? Or outfitters that rely on fisherman/tourists who won’t be coming to town anymore?

  • Where are the jobs? Where are the jobs? Where are the jobs? Where are the jobs? Where are the jobs? Where are the jobs? Where are the jobs? Where are the jobs?

  • Another thing people fail to notice is that with all of these tax breaks for the big corporations and subsidies to fossil fuel companies, WHO IS ACTUALLY CREATING JOBS?!? Small to medium size businesses, thats who. Read the job reports when they come out each quarter and you will find that with all of the subsidies, tax breaks, loop holes, etc, the big corporations are NOT creating jobs. When a small business gets a tax break on a new piece of equipment, they hire new employees to run it. When a medium sized business gets a tax break on using green technologies, they decrease their overhead which allows them to grow and add more employees. What have the big corporations done to help the nation? If 200,000 kids lose their spots in preschool what are their parents going to do for childcare when they have to go to work? John Boehner says that everybody has to make some sacrifices, so wheres his sacrifice? Oh wait, maybe I shouldn’t ask or else he might start crying again…

    • When GM closed most of its’ plants in Flint, MI, thereby decimating that part of Michigan, they were making RECORD profits while crying about the need to cut costs by laying off thousands of people. (and starting Micheal Moore’s career). In other words, as long as the politicians enable them, they will screw us every which way they can while lining their pockets.

  • JasonsRobot

    ooops, “them” in my second sentence = new gop congress people.

  • …..not to mention trying to cripple the EPA and the Endangered Species Act.

  • Ummm, let’s blame Bush two years after he’s left office and cry foul of the Republican-controlled House after 3 months. Hasn’t Obama ignored multiple Federal Court rulings? Don’t get me wrong…I try to stay in the center….but one-sided vilification doesn’t appear to be moving us too far FORWARD.

  • Matthew,
    Thank you for posting this. You have made it very easy to pass this info along and I would like to invite a discussion about these topics with my fellow Democratic friends and also my Republican friends.
    I am happy to learn facts about the poor decisions that Republicans are making!
    I enjoy healthy conversations with my Republican friends and I try to understand what is causing them to not THINK the way I think!
    We need to support each other on both sides of the isle, respectfully, as I believe it invites people to THINK things out more clearly!
    Thank you,

  • G Randall the Younger

    You forgot how hard the republicans fought tooth-and-nail to ensure there are virtually no taxes for the top income bracket.
    How do they propose to pay for this sharp loss of revanue? Scrap programs the rest of Americans depend on!
    Oh and crying about a law that streamlines one of the most inefficient Institutions in America (Our horrible excuse for ‘healthcare’) and actualy SAVES taxpayers money.

  • Republicans have no clue how to solve the serious problems facing the nation (where are the jobs???), so instead they deflect public attention to petty matters and launch personal vendettas against labor unions, the EPA, Planned Parenthood, abortion clinics, equal rights for gay men and women, and the ultimate in petty attacks — the FLOTUS.

  • Sources? If you are going to write all this and try to make republicans seem so horrible atleast cite where you get your information.

  • Derek miller

    We have a president who has told the AG to no longer defend the defense of marriage act which a federal judge has upheld, so you have a president telling a judge f*** you, i am above the law.

    Another federal judge has ruled obama care unconstitutional but has that stopped him no?

    The last congress democrat controlled failed to pass a budget, which is required by the constitution. if they had passed a budget we would not continuing resolutions.

    Why have you failed to point these out?

    • 1) – (a) The president didn’t “tell” the AG not to defend DOMA, the AG and his staff determined they didn’t have a legal basis for defending it and (b) the reason they are in a position to defend or not defend DOMA is because a federal judge ruled AGAINST DOMA. They originally filed an appeal to defend it, but in preparing the case found they couldn’t legally justify the defense. You don’t have the basic facts correct.

      2) A federal judge ruled health care reform to be unconstitutional, but only the coverage mandate part. Several others, at the same federal level, threw out challenges. Aren’t you being a hypocrite for claiming that Obama is ignoring a ruling from a federal judge when you, yourself, are ignoring rulings from several federal judges? You don’t have the basic facts correct.

      3) The Constitution requires that any revenue bill originate in the House, however, it does not require that they pass a budget. Please cite where that is stated in the Constitution, if you think such a passage exists. You don’t have the basic facts correct.

      I’m detecting a pattern here…

    • Jim the lib in purgatory

      For every one of your examples there are judges that have ruled the other way, wake up and look at the whole picture not just the part that suits your views, limited as they be.
      Blame the party of NO for no budget also.
      DOMA is simply a way for right wingnuts to discriminate and deny the lawful rights that they enjoy to others.

      • I knew that DOMA was Un-Constitutional in 1996. The fact is that marriage, until the passage of DOMA was under the auspices of the 10th Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

        Nowhere in the Constitution is marriage addressed and, other than in things such as tax codes, it had never been addressed by the Federal government prior to the passage of DOMA. With DOMA, Clinton sold out the gay community for a few ‘undecided’ voters in the middle. It was meaningless at the time of its’ passage b/c we were still 10 years from any state allowing same-sex marriage. (much like the Emancipation Proclamation). He passed a law that effected no one in any way until such time as a state law would allow gay marriage to begin with.

        It is the job of the Attorney General to determine if there IS a legal basis on which to defend a law that is under judicial challenge. If no Constitutional argument can be made for it, then it is their job to NOT defend it. Same as Jerry Brown and Arnold did in CA with Prop 8.

        The Republican party has come out firmly on the side of GREED and EVIL. The Democrats have done nothing firmly whatsoever. Therefore, no one has done much to help the majority of Americans in any meaningful way.

  • Attempted to completely “defund” AMTRAK, which would have put over 250,000 people out of work – instantly.

    Supposedly because it is subsidized by the government. However, no one mentions the “invisible” subsidies for airlines, like paying for the air traffic control radar and employees, the FAA, and all the TSA people at the airports (AMTRAK has it’s own police department).

  • So November’s elections didn’t exactly dent your collective crania, eh? There’s 13 trillion reasons this Congress was elected- to cut and slash the waste that was left behind by the previous Congress- in DC, and in Madison and Columbus, to name two more. The days of sucking up to unions and environmentalists are over.

    • Cheeky Bastard

      “The days of sucking up to unions and environmentalists are over.”

      Maybe, but the days of sucking off the wealthy are just getting into gear, and you want to be in front with your mouth wide open.
      Wall St. and the shadow banking system destroy the world’s economy, and you point your finger at the unions and environmentalists? Congress is complicit because they ALL take the money, and look the other way. The only thing Boner and his crew are interested in is turning government into a conduit to channel public money into private hands. These “free-market defenders” you adore so much only believe in the free-market when YOU’RE failing; when their cash cow starts to dry up, they need a little dose of socialism to fatten it up. Ever hear of Goldman-Sachs? Henry Paulson was their chairman and CEO before he became Treasury Secretary; didn’t he also write the legislation that saved it? That doesn’t bother you, though, does it? And both sides of the aisle have been enablers of it, not just the Democrats. The 1st TARP bailout was W. Bush’s, with your tax money paying the million dollar bonuses of the people who CAUSED the problem! Besides, wasn’t it your lover Dick Cheney who said “Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter”? Do ever actually listen to the bullshit that you let other people put into your head?

      Please have the good grace to admit what an idiot you are when you get financially wiped out by the fiscal policies of these saviors of yours.

      • Oh, Cheeky – you are my hero!

      • Re-write history much Cheeky?

        The main champions of the Wall St. bailouts, the big 3 bailouts, and the big bank bailout were the Dems.

        The Tea Party came into existence was because there was no Republican opposition to this robbery of the middle class to give to the rich.

        (There was some opposition in the beginning on the lest too, which is why initially the Tea Party was not partisan, that unfortunately has vanished).

        Today the entirety of the bailout advocates appear to be leftwing.

        • Cheeky Bastard

          They ALL signed on to it, Koran…remember McCain suspending his campaign so he could to Washington to help ram it tthrough? They ALL went for it…not that you were paying attention.

          Not rewriting history, just calling out all the kids with super-short memories and attention spans, trying to make sure they don’t follow the other lemmings off the cliff. Fascism is just around the corner, and your beloved TeaBagger party is leaving the light on for it.

          Well done.

          • i cant believe people are that ignorant to face the truth. cheeky you are so right and to see people disagree with you explains a lot about america. its common sense and morals and they have none

        • Charles Cooper

          Kiran If you remember correctly, the TARP bill was submitted by the Bush administration. The Dems were holding out, and the Treasury didn’t have enough votes to ram this scam through. So . . . . they broke for a week, giving the bankers enough time to do their “lobbying”, then came back and voted TARP in unanimously.

          Do a little research and stop listening to Beck. He’s usually wrong, but not quite as wacky as Palin. Start thinking for yourself, man.

      • GREAT reply, Cheeky! That dude needs to watch this!

        “Inside Job”, it is excellent!

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself, Cheeky. I’m always curious what glasses the right is looking through when they perceive their current machinations or future intentions. And Congress overall has nothing to be proud of at this point. …”Pay no attention to my open hand behind my back while the lobbyists follow behind me with the money.” Of the people, by the people, and for the people……a cruel hoax.

    • Just remember that the vast majority of the 13 Trillion reasons were run up during Republican administrations. Democrats may be tax and spend, but Republicans are cut taxes for the rich and go ahead and spend away.

  • hammerin hank

    Just out of curiosity, how many jobs did the supermajority Democratic Congress create?

    • Actually the stimulus money created a significant amount of construction jobs and as most states will attest this money avoid laying off thousands of teachers,police and firemen. The latest figures on job creation show that the private sector is now adding jobs lowering the unemployment rate to 8.9%. I don’t think the anti women legislation sponsored by the GOP helped yhat figure. In fact if all the GOP gets its way, Thousans if not millions will be unemployed/

    • JasonsRobot

      The Supermajority Dems weren’t elected running on the montra of “jobs, jobs, jobs”. Every one of them said “job creation” was priority one.

      So, as the article points out, obviously “job creation” has NOT been their first priority, second priority.. or.. well, maybe they’ll get to it sometime. But the peeps who voted for them ARE noticing the lolly-gagging and distracting.

      • I don’t believe that everyone of them said “job creation”; much of the groundswell was due instead to the promise of reducing spending and government growth which would in turn allow for growth of jobs in the private sector. Since we have yet to significantly reduce spending the benefits would not yet be realized.

        • Speaking of smoke screens…. The idea that cutting spending will result in the creation of jobs is BS. Businesses do not add jobs because they have more money. They add jobs because they have more business. That happens when the middle class has more money. Most of the Republican proposed cuts will decrease the amount of discretionary funds available to the middle class and will actually result in job loss. IMHO.

        • YOu HAVE to spend in order to save, When was the last time you were in Costco

          • Charles Cooper

            That’s the dumbest idea I’ve heard in a long time. Let’s see, Costco has 50 lb bags of charcoal at $2 off. If I buy 100 bags, I’ll save $200 ! ! ! ! Wow . . . I think I’ll just buy 200 bags, then I’ll save a whopping $400 . . . Yeeeeaaaahhhhh ! ! ! Duh ! ! !

      • “Supermajority”?? You have GOT to be kidding… fully a dozen of those Dems are/were DINOs, like Mary Landrieu of LA, and they might as well have caucused with the (R) for all the support they have shown Obama. We need to elect progressive Congressional candidates to see what a second term can bring!

    • That’s hard to gauge, because when the Dems took over, the economy was LOSING 700,000 per month. How much improvement did we see since then?

      Well, using the 700,000 as our starting point, if Obama had merely maintained what Bush had handed him, our economy would have lost 16,800,000 jobs. Instead, we lost about 3.3 million and the economy was adding jobs. One could argue that 13,500,000 jobs were saved or created. It would be dishonest and inaccurate, but since being dishonest and inaccurate has never bothered conservatives, I’m happy to go with that.

      • Another Halocene Human

        And if you believe that you’re even dumber than you look on the internet. But for those keeping score at home, the Greenspan/Mozillo/Investment Banks(TM) Recession was already baked in the cake Fall 2008.

        And yes, I do blame Bush for shutting down Eliot Spitzer’s attempt to prosecute and put a halt to mortgage fraud.

      • under employed NY

        In all fairness the Republians used to care, when they were the Grand Old Party. They are now the Grandstanding Over bearing Pr…s. I know I was a Republican. Now they call me a Radical Libral.

    • Hammerin,

      The correct answer to your question is that they didn’t create jobs. They costed jobs, they grew the unemployment to record levels.

      The Republicans didn’t really create jobs either because the government doesn’t create jobs, it is a net burden on a free society. (in some part arguably a necessary burden, like mall security is a necessary cost to the rest of the mall).

      • Kiran, the government CAN “create” jobs by passing favorable policies to help that happen. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen for the past 10 years at least, the policies they are passing are NOT helping to “create” jobs, they are just helping the rich become richer.

        Also, if the government were to fund jobs to start fixing the infrastructure, it would eventually be able to be turned over to the private sector. There would be a need for the companies to provide the workers & supplies (heavy equipment, etc.), a need for their suppliers/repairers and a need for their suppliers/repairers, on down the line. As American production expanded then the government could back out more until they are completely out, except for still keeping favorable policies in effect.

        • There were numerous jobs created by the healthcare corporations in anticipation that all americans would be covered under healthcare. I seem to remember the number 200,000. Because of the healthcare bill.

          In addition to that many smaller businesses could provide health insurance to their employees, something they could not afford before. These were because of tax incentives put into the healthcare bill to make sure all people could get medical insurance.

          Remove the healthcare bill and all of the above will be reversed.

      • Charles Cooper

        Wrong again Kiran . . . government tax policies are what has lost millions of U.S. jobs to places like China, taiwan, Viet Nam, India, and on and on. Tax policy does in fact heavily influence jobs. Don’t let Beck fool ya about that one.

    • Just something to think about. In the comments of another article I read recently someone was “bragging” about all the jobs that were (supposedly, in my opinion) added in March and the Repubs were now in control of the House. Ya know, “Look what the Repubs have done”.

      Another commentor made the remark that, “Yes, they were in control, but you really couldn’t give them credit for the job increases because NONE OF THEIR BILLS HAVE BEEN PASSED YET!” So basically they have done NOTHING to help increase the amount of jobs.

      Nor, IMHO are they trying to do anything to help increase jobs.

  • Carlos Gonzalez

    When will the people of this country get it? the Republican party, is not now nor will they ever work for the average person! If they are not in your pocket they are not going to feed yours ! they will never be for the people !!!!

  • Carlos Gonzalez

    When will the good people of this country ever get it ? Republicans are not going to ever work for your Rights ,jobs ,or over all well being . If your not feeding there pockets they are not feeding yours . Get with it America!

  • I don’t think I’ve EVER read anything as true as this article.

    I was hella laughing at the Boehner crying part, but that is true that he cries over himself a lot more than out of work or poor people.

  • I agree with your points. From my perspective they range from irritating to outrageous.

    Ideally, what I would like to see is a breakdown of how many jobs created, jobs lost or no change each of the above results in.

    I realize many would be theoretical guesses but it would make a more vivid and compelling argument to those waffling around the center to see that not only is there all this BS grandstanding going on but in doing so, they’ve cut or tried to cut ‘X’ number of jobs.

    • “Ideally, what I would like to see is a breakdown of how many jobs created, jobs lost or no change each of the above results in.”

      You won’t get that because no one has an accurate count, not even the government!

  • Another anti-gay rights Republican Senator is gay. Roy Ashburn.

    • Roy Ashburn is gay alright, but he was a State Assemblyperson and State Senator in California. He never served in the US Congress.

    • I had a male “visitor” who told me that he was in the closet and afraid to come out. I liked him and encouraged him to read a book that I think helps. He visited about six times, but never read the book or tried to understand his feelings. Eventually, I had to tell him that I didn’t mind that he was unsure of himself, but that he would have to stop feeling so guilty and try to learn something. He insisted that he is “straight” and just likes to fool around. I told him that I wasn’t interested in fooling around. You can imagine the shock when I saw him on television running for office on a “pro-family” platform. “What a tangled web we weave when at first we practice to deceive.” ~(don’t know who to credit)

    • This was only regarding what the House of Representatives has done in DC. If I made a list of EVERYTHING that Republicans across the country had done it would take months and would still come out incomplete.

      • It is obvious the writer has spun the information to fit his view point. Just another hate monger writer that is trying to encourage the segregation between right and left rather than encourage each other’s commitment to come to solid solutions. LAME.

        • Unfortunately Brian, the Right is doing everything it can to widen that chasm. Every last effort the left makes is immediately rejected and ridiculed. I am sorry but at this point the republican party needs to be removed from that ballets all together. They are the complete and total cause of every last pain this country is feeling.

        • if you were so spot on in your analysis, then it should be a slam dunk to refute his poiints. Feel free to quote something, anything, that was incorrect..

          What HAS the GOP done that has created jobs?

          • The Republicans have done ALLOT to create jobs! Just think how many it’s going to take to clean up the mess they’ve made of this country!

          • Cathy Sweeney

            WELL SAID, AND TRUE, KEVIN!!!! (Except that your typo or spelling error confused some folks who couldn’t figure out that you were talking about BALLOTS) Republicans haven’t done a single, solitary thing to create jobs. They have done NOTHING except vow to keep Bush era tax cuts in place for the richest 1% of Americans, and refuse to cooperate with ANYTHING proposed by Democrats.

        • Sorry, Brian, but if anything, the list is incomplete. The GOP and TB’s ran on the promise of jobs. Not a single, solitary bill has been put forth by them to create jobs, but plenty that would lose jobs have been, and yes, by the GOP and TB’s. Do some research. The truth will set you free!

        • Brian, I am going out on a limb here, I guessing you have a job and had not yet been let go during this time of the current economical situation, do you have any family members who have or friends who have? I am guessing no, well take off the blinders buddy, this is for real, They have not GOPers did what they had run on in the mid terms,, wake up sir

        • kenny green

          The only solution for the repubs is to seek treatment for obsessive, compulsive stupidity and greed.Apparently you are not paying attention. You provoke a fight by trying to steal from the poor, what do you honestly expect

        • Brian,

          Matt was stating the facts of what the Republican party has done since they retook the House. If that is divisive, take it up with the Republicans, for it is there agenda.

          For real divisiveness, read this one:

          Tex Shelters

        • Why not respond with facts that dispute his claims rather than empty rhetoric that disproves NOTHING HE CLAIMED?

      • YahooSerious

        well, get started. You’re going to need it in 2012.

      • Actually Matthew, it’s quite simple to capture what the Repug Governors are all doing, as they are all following the agenda prepared for them by ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council). Yet another R think tank that hands out R marching orders. I’m in FLA and we’re getting just what Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio to mention a few, are getting.

      • I wish that instead of just talking about it that people would take the time to read the Health Care bill that is now law. That law is really going to effect everyone yet the News Media has not done their job in informing the people. It won’t take total effect until 2014 but when it does there will be drastic changes.

        Medicare funds will be diverted into funding this Health Care law. So say goodbye to Medicare. Also say Goodbye to doctors who specialize as there will be no incentive for those doctors when all doctors will be paid the same. Plan on waiting days to see a doctor once it takes effect. This bill gives the Government the right to go right into your Bank Account. It also takes away your right to choose your doctor and the health care you will receive. If your over 60 you will find it more difficult to get the operation you may need. A Government panel will decide your treatment or if you will get that operaton. You have no choice you either take this Health Insurance or risk going to jail or paying a fine even though it is prohibited by our Constitution for the Government to do this as they were never granted this power. But who is following our Constitution anymore they would rather follow the U.N. Charter.

        • lol John, where did you hear this BS from. I guess you did not take the time to read this bill.

        • News for you, The government can go right into your bank account now. Just dont pay your taxes and see. Also If you are in a PPO or HMO you can only go to certain doctors now. Pirvate insurance companies NOW limit the operations you can have AND even decide which tests your Doctor can have done to diagnose your illness.

        • Daniel Tabor

          The healthcare bill allows ACH (automated clearing house) transactions from your bank account WHEN AUTHORIZED. Just like writing a check at Walmart or paying a bill by phone or online usually allows an ACH transaction, WHEN AUTHORIZED. Just like getting money from an ATM belonging to another institution than your particular bank. There is nothing in the healthcare bill tht “allows the government to go into your bank account,” outside of normal electronic transactions. Please, stop spreading the misinformation that is part of the right-wing propaganda to scare people about the healthcare reform act.

    • Jonathan Johnson

      Passed Historic legislation Fri. Under the bill, the budget already passed by the House and rejected by the Senate becomes law if the Senate does not reverse course and approve it by April 6.
      Problem is that it’s unconstitutional.

    • The title is a misnomer. We haven’t had a Republican congress since the 2006 midterms, and between 2008 and 2010 we had Democrats in control of 2 of 3 branches of government. Now it’s a split congress. So the reason this largely progressive wish list wasn’t passed was ??????????????????

      Maybe you should be pointing fingers at this White House and the sorry excuse for an executive you’ve elected.

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