Ron Paul Says Government Is Responsible For 9/11, Because Guns Aren’t Allowed On Airplanes (VIDEO)

Republican Congressman Ron Paul is known for his strong pro-business, anti-regulation stances. Now he’s saying that the Government regulations that prevent people from carrying guns onto airplanes is to blame for 9/11 happened. He said;

The responsibility [to ensure airport security] should be on the airlines. Just as it’s on—the responsibility—of the owners of chemical plants of the owners of armored cars. They take charge of that, and they do a very, very good job. And the government was in charge of security before 9/11 and they did a lousy job. They prohibited guns from being on the airplane, and they said nobody should resist, and so we set the stage for 9/11.

Here’s the video;

In the past he has said FEMA is unconstitutional, and is even quoted as saying;

Well, if you want to live in a free society, if you want to pay attention to the constitution, why not? I think it’s bad economics, I think it’s bad morality, and it’s bad constitutional law. Why should people like myself, who had until too long ago a house on the Gulf Coast – and it’s expensive there and it’s risky and it’s dangerous. Why should somebody from the central part of the United States rebuild my house? Why shouldn’t I have to buy my own insurance and protect from the potential danger? Well, the reason we don’t have market insurance is because it’s too expensive. Well, why is it expensive? Because it’s dangerous. So why should we take money from somebody else who doesn’t get the chance to live on the Gulf and make them pay to rebuild my house? I mean, it’s a moral hazard to say the government’s always going to take care of us when we do dumb things. I’m trying to get people to not do dumb things. Besides it’s not authorized in the constitution.