Sign Petition to Stop Obscene NYPD Brutality, Stand with #OccupyWallSt Protestors

Scenes from Occupy Wall St. protest

The people of Egypt and Libya surmounted extraordinary odds and withstood extreme violence to win a more just society…Will Americans be able to do the same? Yes, if we stand shoulder to shoulder and demand our rights.

>> Click for petition to stop NYPD brutality against peaceful protestors.

The New York Police Department once symbolized heroism after the 9/11 attacks. But in the last week, the NYPD symbolizes totalitarianism with brutal attacks on peaceful protestors (SEE VIDEOS BELOW). On Sunday, news outlets reported that the NYPD has arrested 80 protestors for simply exercising their right to peaceful demonstration. Don’t let the NYPD squash this People’s movement with violence. After all, the protestors are rebelling, in part, to protect against cuts to social programs, like the POLICE FORCE.

Stand with the protestors. Click here to visit and sign the petition. Each time someone signs, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly and 5 other top members of the NYC staff receive a copy of this letter.

Please share this petition with as many people as possible so our voice is heard.


Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly:

The response of the NYPD to the Occupy Wall St. peaceful movement is shameful. This is America. We have a right to peaceful assembly. You are not protecting and serving the people of New York who are bravely standing up against corporate greed and unjust tax policy. Instead, videos are spreading of how NYPD is spraying mace in the face of peaceful, corralled, defenseless protestors, pulling others by the hair, picking up others and throwing them, and so on.

Show the world that America is different – a place of freedom.

Punish the officers that used unlawful, excessive force against the peaceful protestors’ right to assemble. Hold a press conference to apologize. The brutality videos will continue to spread virally. You WILL have to answer.


Supporters of the People’s Movement to Restore Justice

>> Click for petition to stop NYPD brutality against peaceful protestors.



Defenseless, Captive Female Protestors Sprayed with Mace for NO reason, Left Crying on Ground:


Female Protestor Just Standing There Violently Flung to Ground:


Young male protestor speaking to police is picked up and literally thrown through the air:


 More violent photos and videos at the Occupy Wall St. website:

Read more about the protests:


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