Occupy Wall Street Protesters Reportedly Arrested For Closing Their Accounts- Call The CEO

Author: October 15, 2011 12:21 pm

Update: 2:46 Pacific Time Video below:

Update: 2:08 Pacific Time

MoveOn.org posted pictures of the arrests

Security locked Citibank customers inside as they arrested 23 #OccupyWallStreet protesters for attempting to close their bank accounts during a mass public action this afternoon. Watch the live stream as protesters march on Times Square at 3:00pm on Saturday.



As the police load protesters into the wagons, the crowd gathered around chanting, “Let them go!” Reports estimate about 1,000 protesters marched to Citibank during the public demonstration.Update 1:57 Pacific Time

The Wall Street Journal has confirmed the arrests. According to their report, 24 people were arrested. The protesters who tried to close their accounts were asked to leave by CitiBank and when they refused, they were arrested for trespassing. Some were arrested outside the bank for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Update: 1:05 Pacific Time

New York Daily News Reports –

12:17 PMMeena HartensteinTo those of you hearing reports of a standoff and arrests at Chase Bank at Astor Place, our photographer on the scene says about 40 protesters talked about getting arrested and had a brief sit-in before getting up at the last second and avoiding arrest.

Read more: http://live.nydailynews.com/Event/Occupy_Wall_Street_Showdown_at_Zuccotti_Park#ixzz1asnDWrG6Update:

1:00 Pacific Time

Alex Silverman of WCBS Newsradio, NY Tweeted:

Update: 12:57 Pacific Time

A reader of this post had this to say:

Update: 12:50 Pacific Time

I attempted to call New York’s 6th Precinct and was disconnected. Statements are apparently not available at this time.

Josh Harkinson of Mother Jones Tweeted:

Original post:

Details are still unknown, but initial reports on the Occupy Wall Street Livestream are that people are being detained inside a CitiBank branch and some are being arrested for trying to close their accounts.

According to one unnamed source:

“About 16 arrests are happening right now at the Citibank at 555 LaGuardia in the Village, including 2 individuals who went into the bank, closed their accounts as an act of protest (as many people are doing today). They left the bank after doing their business (closing the accts) and, as I understand it, were approached by pulled undercover officers and pulled back into the bank to be arrested with other protesters (who had also apparently tried to leave when asked to by bank employees, but found that they were locked in. Organizers are trying to get more people to the site.”

Gawker has posted the phone numbers and email address of CitiGroup CEO, Vikram Pandit. Pandit was not available for comment.

More details, pictures and video will be posted as they become available.


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  • As a person who has worked retail, but not banking, my concern would be on how the tellers were being treated. If the protesters were agressive the manager better have called the police. Think of your average bank, majorety female tellers that I see. Now think how scared you would be with all those people. No matter what company someone works for, you should NEVER feel threatened at work. Then after the police are called it up to them to decide the legal issues. Bank Citibank, poor workers who arre in the same finacial state as the protesters.

  • We should ignore the fact that multiple people were illegally protesting on private property?

  • They will get what they deserve sooner or later. It will happen.

  • something i wrote a few hours ago. don’t know if you saw it. PLEASE cross post/repost/share:

    while banking GIANT B of A (bank of america) the usa’s largest banking institution is going to lay off 30,000 workers, the CEO gives himself a raise and the banks 1/4ly profits are again UP setting new profit margin records.

    AMERIKA: we NEED TO WAKE UP. i call on ALL bank workers to walk out on NOVEMBER 4th 2011 to show solidarity with yourselves and US the 99% trying to protect your jobs, 401ks and our country in general.

    please POST and CROSS POST.

  • Proud Liberal

    If I were to detain, against their will, 20-something people in my house or business, I’d be arrested and slapped with several felony charges for unlawful detention, kidnapping and whatever else the law had to throw at me!! What’ll happen to this corrupt bank? Mark my words: NOTHING.

  • Alongwayback Rapper

    Modern day politicians, all seem to think that they are somehow, above all of the laws that are written. Indeed, many in this country, even believe that the U.S. Constitution, to be only a document used when it suits them. Indeed, the world over, they act as though it is their right solely, to change any law that doesn’t suit or benefit their handlers, damn the majority rule and the needs of the people!! Politicians the world over, should now be required to recite and obey, a new piece of law added to their oath of office, duly written by “We The People”, and enforceable by the full weight of law, “To quit chasing the money, now that you are elected to carry out only the business, and expressly the business, of the majority of people, as required by the rule of majority & vote in this country, and not ever at any point, should anyone be allowed to corrupt the U.S. Government through any element of your office, and never by your self or your office, should excluding this oath, expressly handling and performing, only the business of, benefit of, and exclusive promotion of, any business, any entity, or any individual, for the entire duration of your term, simply by the default criteria of them having the most money, and excluding all others”!!

    Somewhere, at some distinct point in time, the true reason for & the principles of, “The Government”, has truly become lost and duly wasted upon all of them, truly all, who currently believe themselves to be astute, decision-making members of all Government bodies, by the proofs and evidence, of what we are all now witnessing the world over… “Occupy Wall Street” -AEW- One Love 2011

  • Proud Liberal

    To get the REAL story of exactly what happened inside the bank (whether it was a bunch of rowdy, loud protestors…or an orderly, quiet, patient line), how about the authorities just review the damn lobby security camera footage??!

    Oh, but that would probably make Citibank (CitiGroup conglomerate) look bad and the police like fascists. Scratch that plan…!

  • Right, because a few protesters, withdrawing their $687.31 is going to cause CitiBank to spiral into oblivion.

    • Proud Liberal

      That’s not even really the point…the point here is that it’s their damn money, and it is ILLEGAL (I guess, obviously, unless you’re a rich corporation) to hold people against their will for doing nothing whatsoever wrong.

      • These people were not arrested for “closing their accounts” -They were arrested for protesting on private property & causing a scene while closing their accounts.

  • This experiment called *America* has failed.

  • Jackie Murphy

    Since when is it against the law to withdraw Your money from the bank???If they can’t help the middle class/poor of this country, why should we let them use OUR money to continue to make profits & hold on to them? Sorry Citibank, you fail. If I had any accounts with them I would close mine too.

  • Banks are required by law to return your money upon proper demand (check, wire transfer, etc) and are required to keep on hand enough money to meet the days demand or have access to enough. They are allowed to issue cashiers checks for any balance due unless bank policy, stated in advance in writing to the customer, forbids withdrawal. Citibank just opened itself up for a big class action and so did the NYPD for false arrest, as these people were doing what is considered normal banking business. As it is, listening to the police scanner for NYPD since the beginning of OWS, I have noted that a major part of police calls are for bank robberies and suspected bank robberies. These banks are actually using MORE services than the average citizen and are paying little or no taxes. Get mad NY, you are paying for their security while they pay nothing, even though you do not have an account there. Listen to the police radio on the internet, and you will have a rude awakening as to the cost to protect them.

    • The reason the economy is the way it is had started with the liberal democrats making banks gaurentee loans thru Freddy Mac & Fanny Mae (thanks to Barney Frank & Chris Dodd). They threatened any bank that didn’t give loans to low income people. People lied about their income & the banks were “encouraged” to not be so vigilant in their verification of income or they would lose their charters. Some banks were forced to open branches in poor, dangerous areas & were required to make loans to people they knew would default-all in the name of social justice. A house, a car, a loan is not a right but a privledge for those that work hard & pays their debts.
      And by the way, most of the banks were forced by Obama to take the bailout or face more regulation that would put a lot of the smaller banks out of business (Frank-Dodd bill, anyone?) In case you didn’t know, all the banks paid back the loans very quickly with interest. So the government made money on the interest w/ these forced govt loans. The $5 atm fee everyone is upset about is because of the Frank-Dodd bill & over regulation.
      Obama gave Solyndra have a billion tax payer dollars after they knew the company was going under. Why? Because the Democratic National Convention had invested heavily in this & a couple of other “green” companies where they had received sizable campain contributions from board members of Solyndra. Croney Capitalism is killing this counrty. Pure capitalism will save it. No business is too big to fail. There will always be a competitor or a smaller business or an alternative product to move in. You all should be protesting a govenment that is too big. Self reliance & personal responsibility is the way to freedom. Not relying on govt to hand you anything & do everything for you.

  • Looks like Citi is going to be toast soon. I just hope the financial crash trickles up to the banksters who enrich themselves through the misery of others.

  • I was watching the live feed from when the protesters were in front of the bank and there was a line inside of people closing their accounts. Then I watched as police were around the doors, and then people were being taken to vans handcuffed. I watched as more people were trapped inside, unable to get out. Not all of them were able to close their accounts. The bank then closed and did not allow anyone else in.

  • Welcome to Citibankistan! Bring us your money, stay for the mass arrests!

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