Breaking News: Cops Caught On Video Beating Berkeley Students

Author: November 9, 2011 10:11 pm

In something that might have been reminiscent of the 60s, Berkeley police in riot gear beat several protesters with their night sticks. The video shows the protesters keeping their arms at their sides or locking them, in a show of passive resistance, while chanting, “Stop beating students!”

Video here:

The Mercury News chronicled the events in Berkeley:


9:51 p.m. Crowd continues to grow as police clear lawn

UC police are facing off against a crowd of about 1,000 demonstrators. Lots of police cars are driving up Telegraph Avenue. The lawn is cleared of people and tents.

9:42 p.m. Police rip down tents, order dispersal of crowd

Campus police have ripped down the tents and ordered all the protesters off the grass. Three men were led off in handcuffs. Protesters are chanting “Shame, shame, shame.”

9:35 p.m. Police move toward crowd to confront protesters

Three dozen officers in riot gear are surrounding the plaza. Some engaged in a brief tussle with a few protesters. Demonstrators are chanting, “Stop beating students.”

9:20 p.m. Crowd begins to form human wall around tents

More than 300 people have started forming a human wall, about three people deep. Stretching about 30 yards wide, the crowd is chanting, “Need more people” and “Join us.” They are protecting the tents in front of Sproul Hall. No police have moved toward the group.

There appeared to be no injuries. 


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  • Go TROLL somewhere that your opinion is given some ‘weight’, FOX.

  • Great action Berkeley! I am so very proud of these students, and every OCCUPY protest. I know we are angry, and this police brutality doesn’t help, but violence will only play into their hands. KEEP IT PEACEFUL!
    * Just be cool and remember, we are in control of our actions.
    * If they want to elicit a response it only favors them so we should all be careful not to give the globalist-media any fuel or the police-state any reason. We don’t have to stoop to their low-level tactics! Turn it around on them with a wave and a smile; they may be jerks but cops are people too, it’s the leaders that are ordering this. It’s OK to remind the cops they are PEOPLE before a cop, or any job.

    Attraction is the best campaign for OWS. Our power comes from ‘The People’… add more people, grow more power. The globalist-media’s misrepresentation of OWS will happen but it will not work unless we allow it. WATCH OUT FOR PROVOCATEURS at PROTESTS and ignore the trolling provocateurs.

    ‘The War on People is a War on You’,

  • Are these University or City Police? Anyone know?

  • If I had been the guy in the balcony, I would have looked for some furniture to throw at the police for that.

  • “A brief tussle”?? I did not see any physical provocation on the part of the students, nothing that they did that could be remotely represented as provoking the officers’ attack; more admirably, I did not see any physical *response* to the attack by the protesters! This shows admirable restraint on the part of the protesters. In the best tradition of nonviolent protest movements, they held together but did not fight back.

    I have the utmost respect for police in general. They keep us safe and their job is difficult and dangerous. However, being a police officer means putting personal feelings aside and resisting the temptation to abuse their power. Shame on these police officers for violating the rules and making an unprovoked physical attack! I hope they’re disciplined at the least, and hopefully charged with assault. They give a bad name to their profession and ultimately their actions put everyone, police and citizen, in greater danger.

  • Fucking goons! The parents of those kids need to sue the shit out the police department and the college. They must stop using our tax dollars against the citizens by outfitting these gestapo assholes with all those riot toys. The people need to start making cocktails to throw.

    • Do you not understand that 30 seconds after the very first Molotov cocktail is thrown half or more of that crowd will be dead. You do not fight a pitched battle against people who have come prepared to fight a pitched battle, you can bet your ass that crowd was covered by a SWAT team sniper or by a number of SWAT team snipers. And somewhere not very far behind the police line is a van filled with automatic weapons. And if you’re crowd throws Molotov cocktails at the cops no one in the country will blame them for shooting you down like dogs.

      • What a spooky, spooky story. BOO!

        Of course, you’re just making up stuff. Halloween was last week. Get over it.

        • You must be bull shitting me, do you really think that the cops did not have a sniper team watching that crowd, that’s standard police procedure,

          Do you really think that the Swat team was not within a block, thats SOP also. Only throw a MT at the cops if you are suicidal.

          • You watch too many movies. If there were snipers, people would be able to see them on the rooftops. And if there were SWAT teams, they would have been at the scene, not around the block eating donuts. You can’t just make up BS. You have to have evidence, otherwise it makes you look delusional.

        • Mark P. Kessinger

          I don’t know how old you are, but I’m guessing you are under 30 years of age, and thus have no real experience with or memory of the kinds of things that can happen at such demonstrations. I’m old enough to remember the ’68 riots at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, and the Kent State anti-war protests of 1970, where the Ohio National Guard fired 67 rounds in 13 seconds into a crowd of students, killing four and wounding nine. This isn’t about telling “spooky stories,” it’s about making sure the protesters, who I support 100%, understand exactly what they’re dealing with.

      • Danny Ray,…

        You’re probably the only one of this bunch who understands how serious this is.

        You are exactly ON POINT about the swat teams, snipers, and weapons van.

        Your timing and statistics about the consequences of violence is also ‘on the money’.

    • You need to start taking your meds.

      • Kevin,

        You’ve never been in the military.

        Nobody in your family is a policeman.

        You’ve never ‘encountered’ the police in ‘riot mode’.

        You’ve never been in an active ‘protest’,..


        You’re as crazy as a shit house rat.

        • You don’t know the first thing about me or my family, so stop making up BS just to justify your own delusional fantasies. Oh, and please get back on your meds.

          • Kevin,

            The truth is always worth repeating

            You’ve never been in the military.

            Nobody in your family is a policeman.

            You’ve never ‘encountered’ the police in ‘riot mode’.

            You’ve never been in an active ‘protest’,..

            I notice you didn’t say I was wrong.

            If ANY of the above statements were wrong, your attitude would be more civilized.


            You’re as crazy as a shit house rat.

    • What!? And get the cops drunk on top of it all! No way, man!

    • Mark P. Kessinger

      You are either the village idiot or an agent provocateur! The police are positively itching for an excuse to crack down with lethal force. What you are suggesting could get people killed!

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