More Proof That The Tea Party Is Sabotaging The Economy To Make President Obama Fail

Author: November 21, 2011 3:25 pm

Not too long ago, a Tea Party leader sent a message to Tea Party groups to not hire people so that the economy can fail. Their goal for doing so is to make President Obama fail. The message urges small businesses to refrain from hiring until President Obama is out of office. At least one business, U.S. Crane LLC, is doing just that.

See the above picture? This picture was taken in Georgia. It features the company vehicle of U.S. Crane LLC, inscribed with the following words: NEW COMPANY POLICY: WE WILL NOT HIRE UNTIL OBAMA IS GONE.

The photo was submitted to the Americans Against The Tea Party Facebook page by a resident who spotted the vehicle. According to that resident, he placed a call to the man who put up the sign, Bill Looman, and asked for comment and was told that hiring would resume when there “isn’t a Muslim in office.” Looman claims to be a former Marine.

This company is part of the reason why we have a weak economy. Tea Party supporters (i.e. Bigots), like Looman, are sabotaging the economy so that their preferred political party will gain power. This picture is very damning evidence of that fact. Feel free to call the company at 770-574-2637 or email them at [email protected], or call their local affiliate of Charlotte, N.C.- American Crane Works at 740-588-7767.

This should be a national outrage and Looman’s business and others like it should be boycotted. Bigotry and political bias are no excuse for not hiring unemployed Americans who desperately need jobs. A former Marine who has the gall to damage his country’s economy and hurt fellow Americans has no right to call himself a Marine nor does he have the right to call himself an American. And anyone who would willingly not hire people as a way to sabotage the economy to hurt the President should be put out of business in America. Permanently.


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  • I checked the GA Secretery of State website. This company isn’t even incorporated under GA law according to the website. The only company I found for this man is that he is involved with Beaver Run Landowners’ Association

  • My only regret upon seeing this article is that I don’t live in his area… So that I could give him my business!

    • My only regret upon seeing this article is that I don’t live in his area… so I could give him the beat down he’s asking for. He’s a scum bag. He thinks he’s hurting Obama by not hiring people or displaying messages like this? Obama went to Harvard. Obama is going to be wealthy no matter what the rest of us peasants do. Hire each other or not.

  • Fortunately, our small business is still hiring, we’re still growing, and we’re still proud to be an American business. And we don’t sip tea — we drink coffee.

    That ought to be a slogan — “You Can Keep Your Tea Party, The Working Class Drinks Coffee”. Hmmm.

  • Good grief people, it’s called freedom of expression. I’ve seen countless bumperstickers that say “F* Bush” and “Kill Bush” all over the highways, but where is your moral outrage over them? It’s one man’s opinion and no matter how stupid he is, he has the right to have it. You all jump up and down and make it a rallying point when they are a lot more pressing concerns than one man’s sticker.

  • The REAL tea party

    THis of course is proof of NOTHING about the tea party in general.

    However, we don’t need much proof to see that Obama is crashing the system ala Cloward-Piven for Soros and the rest of his banker friends.

  • I always enjoy seeing people bickering over something as silly as a missing apostrophe… And then they use a small i when spelling i’m. Why are we so hung up on what could be a simple typo instead of the issues?

    Both sides of our political battle have gone to extremes and neither side wants to do anything that could be a win for the opponent. The comments I read about politics seems to mimic then parties that are in power.

    In my humble opinion, our leaders are not representing the masses because the masses are not heard. We are too busy gettingnthings done on our daily walk so that we are not derailed by thie political agenda of some right wing or left wing wackos.

    We pledge allegiance to a republic (or at least we use to) and most of us don’t think about what that means. I find that people are busy criticizing others rather than coming up with solutions. All we hear is “why don’t ‘they’ do something about this problem?”.

    No one wants to pay more taxes but the government needs venue to do the things the people want done. Something has to give folks. We cannot spend 42%, or whatever it is, on servicing the debt we have created. Regardless of how we got here, we are in this together and need to stop pointing fingers so that we can move in a positive direction.

  • Second Amendment Democrat

    And if you see a vehicle in your area sporting one of these signs – they are from a printing press, there will be many of them – well, you know what to do. Remember, they’re not hiring, the vehicle probably doesn’t really need to be drivable anyway. Too polite? Maybe just a permanent maker on the windshield saying, “I need a job – NOW!”…

  • Second Amendment Democrat

    Here is a primary target for not only BOYCOTT, but OSTRACISM. If you leave in or near Charlotte, NC, be sure to direct your business elsewhere – and call them to tell them they have lost a customer, permanently. But if you live near Looman, or know where he shops, you can take the process one step further – Ostracism. Do not sell to him or his family. Do not even SPEAK directly to him or his family except to ask them politely to leave your place of business, and then totally ignore them. Or maybe just state, “My brother needs a job. Get out.” You have the right to refuse service, exercise it. Talk to the other business owners that are hurt by the Republican economic meltdown. No food, no gas, no services, no support. Cut him off from all social support (except his other racist buds.)

    Teach him the price to pay when one acts as a bigot, and traitor to his country – and his neighbors.

    (Like that will ever happen in deepest Georgia – but this racist shit is happening in every state, and is being fomented by the Tea Party Koch-funded fascists that want control of our lives and property. The only way besides civil war to stop it is to eliminate or marginalize those who are creating the problem. Ostracism WORKS – ask the Mormons…)


      You truly must hate America to say stuff like this to a real Patriot such as Mr. Looman. He has even fought for YOUR country and your freedom and for you to be able to say trash like you do. You should be ashamed of yourself. Hopefuly your Mother doesn’t see the trash that you write. You are worthless! You are the one who doesn’t deserve to live in AMERICA!

  • If I needed to hire people, I wouldn’t stop just because some bozo with a flyer told to wait 18 months to hire people! That’s just suicide! Now if I can’t afford it because payroll taxes are thru the roof, then I won’t. I don’t need some halfwit trying to prove a point trying to tell me how to run my business.
    With that said, even though Obama lowered payroll taxes, of course they’re bak up I STILL won’t be hiring anybody new because it’s too expensive. I’ll gladly take the drop in taxes, then bank it because they ALWAYS go back up. ALWAYS. Gt rid of the Federal Reserve. That’ll make our money worth more than toilet paper.

  • Stephen G. Ford!/pages/BILL-Looman/207151236018211 THIS is under BILL LOOMAN!/bill.looman
    THIS ONE is under “BILL LOMAN III” this is the one that was made to “TRAP” the trolls that wanted to comment on the WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT!! Don’t BOTHER… the FUCKWAD is NOT worth the time!
    Call it’s PHONE NUMBER (The one listed on the side of it’s TRUCK) and KEEP CALLING… Keep the WORTHLESS SON OF A BITCH’S phone SO BUSY he can’t get any work done… this way he at LEAST has to get another PHONE NUMBER! This is the LEAST that should happen to this WORTHLESS FUCK for this kind of attention seeking STUPIDITY!

  • It’s embarrassing to be an American, and even harder to be one living abroad. I am constantly having to defend my homeland and really. I can’t defend morons like this. They are an embarrassment. Might be time to drop that citizenship.

    • God I wish you would drop your citizenship. Useless people like you belong in Europe.

    • Ain’t that the truth, everybody is just stupid. I’ve written comments half asleep and people judge me on my typos. Our president doesn’t know that some of the opposing might be stopping him from making a mistake. We’re a democracy for a reason.

    • Why the need to defend him? or any of them?

      Thats the beauty of this country, no universal party line to toe.

      I have my opinons, he obviously has his as do you yours.

      Defend only what you say and do the rest will sort itself out, and if you really want to renounce your citizenship, go ahead its your right as an American to do so.

  • I would break that asshole’s window for being a true American Pastyrot. Screw anyone that doesn’t agree with me. Oh, and if I had time I would slash the tires too!

  • The tea party may be a little nutty but you are worse. You all call people “bigots” when your just as bad. You all hate judgement, why do you all judge people?

    Obama is trying to make the economy fail and he’s putting our soldiers overseas in danger with the cut on The Pentagon. If thats what its about, stop accusing people of something JUST because they don’t agree with you. Open your eyes, its painfully obvious.

    I’ve been called ignorant, I’m not, in fact I know too much.

    • I can see why you’ve been called ignorant.

    • You may think you know too much, but you really should learn how and when to use “your” and “you’re” if you want to convince anyone that you’re really intelligent.

      As to Obama cutting the Pentagon’s funding, check again; that’s CONGRESS that set up those triggers and cuts. The President, doesn’t have the power to defund the troops. Apparently one of the other things you don’t, in fact, know too much about is the Constitution of the United States of America.

      Oh, one last bit. It’s also painfully obvious that you don’t know the difference between “its” and “it’s”.

      • Sorry, that was an typo. We all make that mistake. “their and There”, “Your and You’re”….I’ve even missed the “S” on “news”.

        He’s vowed to veto everybody that tries to stop him.

        • That was “an” typo? Maybe if you didn’t have big sausagey fingers it wouldn’t be such a problem.

          And no, we don’t ALL make that mistake. Just the stupid ones among us.

          Don’t respond. Just shut up.

          • No judging, don’t confuse intelligence with an education, don’t pick a fight please, its not intelligent to do so.

            Not all of us are idiots, there are factor of old warn out keyboards, that have keys that get stuck. Not all of us are wealthy enough, to not make do with what we have. I’m thankful to have anything.

            • You’re kidding, right? With each response, you make yourself look worse and worse. You’d better quit while you’re ahead.

            • “It’s not intelligent”, not “its”. You are attempting to contract the words “it is”.

              “There are factor of old warn out keyboards”. It’s WORN, not warn. Beyond that, I’m not even sure what this sentence is trying to say. Leave our country and come back when you learn to speak English. Are you seriously trying to convince others that you are intelligent right now? I’m smarter and more educated than you are, I know it, and I’ll rub it in your face.

            • I agree. Don’t let the door hit you in the a&& on your way out. You are allowed to come back when you learn proper English!

    • Gabby, Mitch McConnell said the only thing the GOP wanted was to make PRESIDENT OBAMA a one term President and they would sink the country if necessary. bush put out troops overseas first, and our military budget is the largest in the world. Now, gabby, you are a female so go play tea party like the little brat you are.

    • clearly you don’t understand the difference between your and you’re, as well as its and it’s. but, hey, that’s just grade school english. i’m sure you’re much better at political analysis.

      • I’ve written an article that was reviewed by a lady who went to school literally to become a writer(it was printed not posted). She said it was pretty good, though I do notice I make a lot typos in the middle of the night or when I’m in a hurry. I was in a hurry, LOL.

        I do have to proof read, also in colleges they suggest proof reading even when your so called intelligent and perfect.

        • Well, Gabriella, I make my living as an editor, and I think your lady friend was just being nice. But really… it isn’t so much the fractured English. It’s that the comments don’t make any sense.

    • Ah, a perfect demonstration of the Dunning Kruger effect at work.

  • I’m looking hard for a job right now. I’m not being too picky. But this guy? I can’t imagine working for someone like that. What a tool.

    • That’s the beauty of America. You don’t have to work for him. You can sit on your fat a s s and draw a check, thanks to the rest of us. Say thanks every once in a while. Moron.

  • Please. You are all afraid of the big bad Tea Party?!? They have enough power to “sabotage the economy?!?” seriously, so what the guy says he is not hiring anyone until Obama is out of office. Isn’t he only hurting his own bottom line? Perhaps someone else will start their own business instead of working for this guy. Get real.

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