More Proof That The Tea Party Is Sabotaging The Economy To Make President Obama Fail

Not too long ago, a Tea Party leader sent a message to Tea Party groups to not hire people so that the economy can fail. Their goal for doing so is to make President Obama fail. The message urges small businesses to refrain from hiring until President Obama is out of office. At least one business, U.S. Crane LLC, is doing just that.

See the above picture? This picture was taken in Georgia. It features the company vehicle of U.S. Crane LLC, inscribed with the following words: NEW COMPANY POLICY: WE WILL NOT HIRE UNTIL OBAMA IS GONE.

The photo was submitted to the Americans Against The Tea Party Facebook page by a resident who spotted the vehicle. According to that resident, he placed a call to the man who put up the sign, Bill Looman, and asked for comment and was told that hiring would resume when there “isn’t a Muslim in office.” Looman claims to be a former Marine.

This company is part of the reason why we have a weak economy. Tea Party supporters (i.e. Bigots), like Looman, are sabotaging the economy so that their preferred political party will gain power. This picture is very damning evidence of that fact. Feel free to call the company at 770-574-2637 or email them at [email protected], or call their local affiliate of Charlotte, N.C.- American Crane Works at 740-588-7767.

This should be a national outrage and Looman’s business and others like it should be boycotted. Bigotry and political bias are no excuse for not hiring unemployed Americans who desperately need jobs. A former Marine who has the gall to damage his country’s economy and hurt fellow Americans has no right to call himself a Marine nor does he have the right to call himself an American. And anyone who would willingly not hire people as a way to sabotage the economy to hurt the President should be put out of business in America. Permanently.