Homophobic Mayor Loses Her Job

Last night we posted a video here on Addictinginfo that showed a very cool, confident and forgiving lesbian mom encouraging her homophobic mayor to leave the “dark-side” and move into the light of tolerance and respect.

Today, we learned that Mayor Janice Daniels of Troy Michigan, who told the world on her Facebook page last week that she couldn’t be a fan of New York now that “queers can marry there,” has lost her job with Century 21 Real Estate.  For the record, Daniels has publicly apologized for her mean-spirited, homophobic comment.   But apparently, not all the damage her comment inflicted on her good name and reputation can be repaired with an apology.  Her boss at Century 21 indicated that he can have, “no one in his company, either employee or independent contractor, who would be capable of such insensitivity to the LGBT community, or to anyone for that matter.”

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Next time a conservative tells you that “political correctness” is wrong, ask them whether or not they are willing to bet their job and reputation on that.