NYPD Arrests Operators Of Occupy Wall Street Livestream

In the absence of traditional media coverage that Tea Party protests enjoyed, the Occupy movement has been largely ignored and has had to rely on cell phone footage and livestream internet feeds to show the American public what’s been happening.

Global Revolution is considered to be the most important channel covering Occupy Wall Street, broadcasting live feeds of the protests all around the world. So when protesters tell police that the world is watching as the officers beat and pepper spray innocent Americans, they mean it. So it was shocking when Global Revolution ceased their livestream of Occupy protests against the National Defense Authorization Act in New York, and switched to Occupy Maui in Hawaii.

That’s because the NYPD ambushed the operators of the feed in the studio and arrested them. On Tuesday, police raided the building where Global Revolution was broadcasting from and took key operators into custody, including Vlad Teichberg, an operator named Spike, and four or five other volunteers. Vlad and Spike maintained the livestream feed.

Police raided the Bushwick studio after ordering everyone to vacate the premises because the space supposedly is “imminently perilous to life.” The livestream is now down for the time being.

Clearly, Wall Street is paying the NYPD and the mainstream media very well to silence the protests. Police have made every effort to violently end the Occupy movement. They’ve beaten and pepper sprayed protesters. They’ve fired rubber bullets and tear gas into crowds. They’ve even tried to end live web coverage of the protests and now they’re arresting the operators of these feeds. The NYPD has violated just about every civil right guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Maybe it’s time for the entire mass of protesters to occupy the headquarters of the NYPD, because the police are just as corrupt as Wall Street.