Obama Killed Breitbart? (VIDEO)

I’ll admit, some liberals have been nasty toward the death of Andrew Breitbart. 43 is far too young to die and his family does deserve condolences. But the fact remains that Breitbart was not a nice man. His life’s mission was to destroy people, using whatever means, honest or not, possible. He did not, however, deserve to die.

I wish though, that Breitbart had shown that amount of respect in the death of Ted Kennedy.

Over the course of the next three hours, Breitbart unapologetically attacked Kennedy, calling him a “villain,” “a big ass [email protected]#$er,” a “duplicitous bastard” and a “prick.” “I’ll shut my mouth for Carter. That’s just politics. Kennedy was a special pile of human excrement,” wrote Breitbart in one tweet.

I remember similar comments coming from the right-wing blogosphere. So, maybe today isn’t the day to claim the moral high ground.

One interesting and worrisome trend that is happening today is the “blame Obama” crowd. The last time I saw Breitbart was during the CPAC convention when he gave this speech. Incidentally, I remember many people saying then that he didn’t look or sound well. Looking at this speech again, I notice a yellow pallor to his skin…a sign of jaundice. As you watch this speech, pay attention to 5:20.

Video here:

In the video, Breitbart says he has videos of President Obama during his college days. He says the videos will provide proof of his views on race and class warfare. Personally, I hope the videos are released. I doubt they’d make a bit of difference to anyone that doesn’t already hate Obama for “palling around with terrorists” or attending a “radical’s” church. Ironically, in the beginning the speech, Breitbart bragged about attending a Superbowl party hosted by the “terrorist” that Obama supposedly palled around with.

Many of those on the right are seeing conspiracy theories today. “It’s impossible,” they say, “for someone so young to die of natural causes.” Well, actually, it’s not. Just two weeks ago, Pulitzer Prize winning war correspondent, Anthony Shadid, died of an asthma attack. Gilda Radner was 43 when she died of ovarian cancer. Conservative political strategist Lee Atwater, was just 40 when he died of brain cancer. Breitbart had a history of heart problems.

But since when does the right let a few facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory? Let’s call it White Water, redux. I think it started with this:

Then there was this:


Or there are all of these. Or this.

That is what frightens me. In a time when the country has real problems, the last thing we can afford is another circus like the Clinton investigations. The alleged tapes didn’t die with Breitbart (if they exist). Please release them. Maybe we’ll be able to lay the conspiracy to rest…then again, there are still birthers.


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