George Zimmerman Refers To Trayvon Martin As A ‘F***ing Coon’ During 911 Call (AUDIO)

George Zimmerman’s family members continually claim that he isn’t a racist and law enforcement officials want to pretend that this killing wasn’t racially based, hence the fact that Zimmerman remains a free man while Trayvon Martin will never breathe again. But the 911 tape seems to prove how racist Zimmerman is.

On the rainy night of Trayvon’s murder, Zimmerman was heading up the neighborhood watch. He caught sight of a young African-American male wearing a hoody walking through the community on his way home to his father’s house. Zimmerman, though not in any danger at all, decided to play police officer and followed Martin. As he was doing so, Zimmerman called 911.

After telling the operator that “these assholes always get away,” Zimmerman mumbled something under his breath. His two words make it clear that this murder was racially motivated. The two words mumbled by Zimmerman were “fucking coon.” “Coon” is a word used by racists to describe African-Americans. It is equivalent to saying ‘n***er.’ If anything should convince the authorities in Florida to charge Zimmerman with murder and seek the death penalty, these two words should do it. They prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that not only was Zimmerman trying to act out a cop fantasy, he was also playing out a white supremacist fantasy as well.

Here is the stunning audio and analysis courtesy of The Young Turks.

To many people, this case is a murder case and a civil rights case. Many people believe Trayvon Martin had every right to be walking through that gated community, and that George Zimmerman had absolutely no right to harass him and then kill him. Many people think that this man racially profiled Martin and then chased after him, and Zimmerman’s comments during his 911 call seem to confirm that belief. Zimmerman could have let the police handle it, but he clearly didn’t want to. Zimmerman ended an innocent life with a pull of a trigger, and yet he remains free because he falsely claimed that he acted in self-defense.

Many people believe Zimmerman is responsible for the murder of Trayvon Martin, but the Republican Party in Florida is definitely responsible for passing the law that created the gun obsessed cowboy atmosphere that led to the killing and many like it. For justice to be done, many believe Zimmerman needs to be arrested, the Florida law needs to be repealed, and the Republicans who passed it need to be cast out of office. That’s the only way we can prevent future Trayvon Martins from being killed and bring closure to a mourning family.