Anti-Gay Activist Paul Cameron – Gay Parents Have More Gay Children (VIDEO)

Author: June 13, 2012 6:52 pm

Paul Cameron, an anti-gay activist, really hates gay people. So much so that, a few weeks ago, he admitted that, as a child, he was attracted to men. Cameron also believes that gay parents are the reason for gay children. David Pakman of the David Pakman Show easily debunked the study that Cameron, who resigned from the American Psychiatric Institute after being accused of misrepresenting the works of several of his colleagues, cited.

Later in the interview, Pakman asked Cameron about the interview in which he had admitted a childhood attraction to men after being sexually abused. Cameron corrected Pakman by saying that he was “interested,” and “intrigued” when he became “stimulated.”

Pakman found this an interesting choice of words, saying that most abuse victims don’t say the word “stimulated.” He said that sexual abuse is a violent act and “stimulated” is a sexual term, saying “most people would call it violated, injured, hurt.”

Here’s the video:

Perhaps most interesting about Cameron’s contention is that it seems to make a case for homosexuality being genetic rather than “a choice,” a contention he typically makes. Regardless, the study he cites, as Pakman notes, is controversial at best.

Even though they weren’t discussed on Pakman’s show, Cameron has several theories about why people are gay, including sex with animals and a poor relationship with one’s mother. For more of Cameron’s enlightening theories on homosexuality, read here.

Cameron might be interested in this study. It seems that “gay genes” are passed down through women, not men.

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  • The man has definitley homosexual tendacies. He admits being “stimulated” at the thought of being intimate with another man “after being molested as a child”? I doubt that he was ever molested as a child. I believe Mr Cameron is in a conflict with himself and desperately seeking help. The aberration is not that there are homosexuals, the aberration is that Mr Cameron’s denial that he is one.

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