Mississippi Libertarian Suggests Using Gun Violence Against Mayors Who Oppose Anti-Gay Chick-fil-A

Recently, the mayors of Boston, Chicago, and other US cities have vowed to oppose any effort by Chick-fil-A to build restaurants in their respective municipalities. The mayors have made this vow due to the Chick-fil-A COO’s commitment to anti-gay hatred and opposition to same-sex marriage and LGBT equality.

But now, it seems those who support anti-gay hatred are sounding a call to arms. Mississippi Libertarian candidate for the US House Ron Williams wrote a letter to the editor of the Biloxi Sun Herald and suggested that gun violence should be used against the mayors.

“Let me make it clear, the CEO is being punished by government officials because he exercised his First Amendment right of free speech,” Williams wrote. “The Constitution is very clear. When government restricts and punishes the people for exercising their First Amendment rights, then we are to default to the Second Amendment (right to keep and bear arms). These two mayors need to be introduced to the Second Amendment ASAP. The correct response to these mayors would be to send troops or whatever to remove these men from office, by whatever means is necessary.”

Williams later tried to walk back his remarks, saying,

“I’m not saying anybody should go shoot these mayors, but politicians need to be reminded, our founding fathers were quite clear that it’s quite possible for our country to fall back into the hands of tyranny … I’m a thou-shalt-not-kill kind of guy, but these guys should be reminded of the Second Amendment … I guess the word ‘reminded’ would have been better (in the letter) … I needed a thesaurus beside me.”

Regardless of whether or not Williams should have used the word ‘reminded’ instead of the word ‘introduced’ in his letter, the bottom line is that he still used gun rhetoric in his response to mayors he disagrees with, although both words sound interchangeable to me in this case. The fact is, there are anti-gay gun nuts out there that have more than likely read Williams’ words and may take him seriously. This is why such rhetoric is so incredibly irresponsible and dangerous. It’s almost like a threat to mayors that if they do or say something the Tea Party disagrees with, guns will be used to shut them down. It’s the kind of rhetoric that instantly reminds me of the “Second Amendment remedies” rhetoric used by Tea Party candidates to oppose Obamacare. Both Sarah Palin and Sharon Angle, among others, made these remarks.

Williams’ remarks are also very untimely. Less than two weeks ago, a gunman walked into a Colorado theater and killed 12 people and wounded over 50. So in the wake of a national tragedy involving gun violence, Williams is essentially calling for more gun violence, this time against government officials. All because those officials oppose discrimination and hate.

This right-wing obsession with guns and violence has gone too far for too long. Disagreements should be solved with debate and law, not gun violence. Chick-fil-A is wrong to discriminate against the LGBT community. Hate and discrimination have no place in this country. Equality, on the other hand, does and belongs to every American, even homosexuals. As government officials, these mayors have a responsibility to protect the equality of the people they serve. The right-wing disagrees, and apparently they want to use guns to get their own way. And in the shadow of so many instances of gun violence in the last few years, that’s a scary prospect that could very well come to pass if we sit home on Election Day this November.

And something to note for Mr Williams, it was the COO, Chief Operating Officer Dan Cathy, who made the comments which caused the issues for the company, not the CEO, Chief Executive Officer S. Truett Cathy.

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