‘God Loving’ Conservative Sticks A Gun In The Face Of Liberals (IMAGE)

The Being Liberal Facebook fan page had a shocking surprise posted to its wall Friday evening. I’ll let the post from Kevin Kordes of Gravois Mills, MO speak for itself.

Kordes’ Facebook page (while it lasts) lists him as,

pilot, F1 race fan, boxing, firearms and shooting sports, antique Harley-Davidson’s, WWII aircraft, cooking. I love life and thank God for it every day. God, family, Country. These are not only the most important things, they are the ONLY things that matter. From God comes family and country. With out God and family there is no country. With out a free and independent country, there is no family and there is no God.

His facebook profile is even scarier, and he actually calls for the assassination of President Obama in a quote which he accredits to himself. Here’s his favorite quotes, the last one being the most offensive:

He works at Lowe Boats

Note: Please do not harass his employer. It’s probably not their fault they have a gun-crazy _____________ (you fill in the blank) working for them. Feel free to let them know who they’ve hired though.

You can view the post on facebook HERE.

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