Fox Contributor: Young People Vote For Obama To Get ‘More Free Crap’

I can’t believe they pay me to tell old people why they should despise my age group!

Steven Crowder is a Millennial. We know this because he tells us so repeatedly. He also tells us that, just like his peers, he’s quite selfish. Well, that’s about as far as his honesty goes in his interview on Fox. Crowder also tells us that he’s against “free” healthcare and “free” Social Security unlike his peers who just want “free” stuff:

Millennials, they tend to vote, as you see with the Occupy movement, for more free crap. Not based on the constitutional parameters of government, not based on founding principles, but on what the government can give them, and because they’re voting that way, they’re doing it wrong.

He also seems to have a problem with young adults staying on their parents’ health insurance:

If you have absolutely zero self-respect it’s nice to mooch off your parents until you turn 26.

I’m trying to imagine the parent that begrudges keeping their college student child on their insurance while they finish, say, medical school. Do you know any parents that would happily throw their kid out to work at entry-level jobs until they can get promoted to a level with insurance? Who would leave their child without insurance if they didn’t have to? Oh right, the kind that want their kids to “take personal responsibility” by incurring massive medical bills in case of illness or accident because nothing says “learning experience” like getting cancer or hit by a drunk driver while working at Wal-Mart without insurance. I don’t actually know any parents like that, do you?

Here’s the video:

Curiously, Crowder neglects to point out that he grew up in Canada where he received “free” healthcare until he moved to Los Angeles to make a living yelling about how stupid liberals are. I’m fairly certain he wasn’t a conscientious objector, so, in typical conservative fashion, do as he says, not as he did. This is the delusion at the core of conservative politics: we (the non-retired Gen-Xers to Millenials) want what our parents and grandparents had: a good job that we can retire from, not to have to worry about how to pay for medical bills during the most medically expensive time of our lives, and to have a little something put aside for when we’re too old to work.

Crowder, as he shills for the conservative base, wants us to “take responsibility” for our lives and forgo all that good stuff our parents and grandparents now enjoy. Curiously, again, there’s no mention of them having to give it up, just the rest of us. We’re going spend hundreds of billions on the very things we’re being told would make us moochers if we were to get them, too. Yet, the Baby Boomers are not moochers? How does that even work? Oh, they paid into it their whole lives? Wouldn’t we be doing that, too? I’ve paid into Social Security and Medicare since I was 16. Why doesn’t my contribution count?

The reality is that Medicare is not the problem, greedy insurance companies are. Social Security is not “designed essentially to bottom out in 2035 … I don’t understand how it’s not a Ponzi scheme,” as Crowder claims. Social Security is perfectly solvent until 2035 at which time, if absolutely nothing is done whatsoever, the United States government will have to start paying back the money it borrowed from the Social Security Administration. Remember, Social Security is totally self-funded and cannot, by law, add to the deficit to make up a short fall. Congress borrowed that money from the tax payers and they’ll have to pay it back sooner or later. If conservatives REALLY cared about “personal responsibility” they wouldn’t keep trying to weasel out of paying their obligations.

It’s easy to see that Crowder is just throwing out buzz words and either doesn’t actually know what he’s talking about or is lying to his audience. He goes on about “free birth control” and “Obama phones” which are just empty Republican catchphrases. The only people who are getting “free” birth control are women that already have insurance so they’re already paying for it and the small amount of women on Medicaid who, according to every rational metric, are better off not having kids until they can afford it. Even the insurance companies acknowledge that preventing a birth is cheaper than paying for one and covering the child afterwards. It’s called “family planning” and is vital to combating poverty. Crowder seems unaware of this Economics 101 fact.

The same goes for his crack about “Obama phones.” A whole whopping 5 minutes of research would show that the “free phone” program was started under Saint Ronnie and continued under every president since then, including that bastion of conservatism, Bush Jr.

Crowder is just another shrieking hypocrite that would run back to Canada in a heartbeat if his insurance decided to drop him for having the pre-existing condition of being a lying asshole.

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