Say WHAT? Obama Will ‘Throw A Lot Of Spears’ In Next Debate, Warns SC Gov. Sanford On Fox News (VIDEO)

Screen shot of Fox News broadcast with Fox News host Shannon Bream and Fox News Contributor and former SC Governor Mark Sanford.

Fox News host Shannon Bream ignores former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s racist comment, in which he warns that the president is going to “throw a lot of spears” in tomorrow’s presidential debate. Let’s be charitable and assume Bream’s too young to remember the old-school racial slur, “spear-chucker.”

Did former South Carolina Governor and Fox News Contributor Mark Sanford really warn his viewers and Fox News host Shannon Bream that President Barack Obama is “going to throw a lot of spears” in tomorrow’s debate? Um, yes, he really did. MEDIAite’s Tommy Christopher caught this first, while making his rounds of October 14th’s Sunday morning talk show circuit, posted the video, and pointed out that the racially-coded metaphor alludes to the ethnic slur, “spear-chucker.” For those who appreciate a good pun, Christopher also hilariously called Sanford a “Fear-Chucker” in his article’s headline, then continues his tirade:

“Completely coincidentally, and not at all related to this, the term ‘spearchucker’ is a racial slur against black people, but what would a 52 year-old white guy from South Carolina know about that? Also, he didn’t call President Obama a ‘spearchucker,’ he just said he would be throwing spears. That’s completely different”

Christopher also mentioned Bream’s failure to call her colleague out, with barely-disguised sarcasm: “she didn’t react audibly, and never skipped a beat in continuing to discuss expectations for Tuesday’s debate.” Raw Story‘s Dave Edwards gleefully jumps into the fray to remind us that Sanford is actually a “disgraced” former governor whose 2009 disappearance with his Argentinian mistress almost got him thrown out of office.

The following succinctly-stated snippet from the Angry Black Lady Chronicles blog captures this writer’s disgusted reaction best:

“Don’t even try to tell me this asshat didn’t mean to call a president Obama a spearchucker. Don’t even. ‘He’s going to be throwing a lot of spears’ is not something someone says to describe a debate tactic. Just like ‘waving around a tar baby’ didn’t make any fucking sense when Michele Bachmann said it. Republicans are blowing their dog whistles so hard and so loudly, they are eschewing syntax, grammar, and the traditional rules of language in order to do it.”

You can watch the video below, courtesy of MEDIAite:

You can read the transcript below:

Shannon Bream: Let’s go back to South Carolina and check in with former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford to talk strategy ahead of tomorrow’s debate. Governor, we’ll jump right into it … What did you think Governor Romney did well last time around that convinced so many folks who were maybe undecided that — at least from what the polls show initially — that he’s their man?

Mark Sanford: Well, I think he was assertive, and a lot of folks had wondered, would he really step out and challenge Obama. I think that was one of the real frustrations of conservatives across this country, so I think he really needs to continue that.

Obama’s going to come out in this case much more forcefully, and he’s going to throw a lot of spears. And I think it’s very, very important that in this case that Romney stay focused on his vision for the country and stay focused on the things that matter most to people in this country, which is, where is the economy going, where are we with jobs, and what’s happening next on the debt and the deficit issue.

Shannon Bream: Well, and we have gotten a signal from the Obama campaign that the president intends to be more aggressive this time around. We know it’s a town hall format, where the candidates are gonna be taking questions from undecided voters, but also with a moderator in place. How well does that play in an audience and real live average citizen voters? There has to be a balance in tone, I’d imagine, for how aggressive you can be in that kind of setting.

Mark Sanford: Yeah, I think that  the town hall format creates limits to how tough one can be with the other, but I also think that Obama is running a very fine edge here. I think — Joe could quote “be Joe” whatever that means — in the vice president debate, I think he was obnoxious, I think he was caustic, and abrasive, but he can get away with it.

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