Top Romney Surrogate Says Powell Endorsed Obama Because He’s Black

There are two constants in politics: Republican racism and the irrational denial of Republican racism. It’s true! Ask any Republican politician or voter if the GOP traffics in overt racism and they will deny with their dying breath. Then show them stuff like this:


And they insist that there is no way that could be construed as racist! After all, how could someone ever suggest that a black man might vote for another black man based on race?

Actually, it’s pretty easy when you’re a Republican.

In reality, the underlying assumption is that no one would vote for a black guy based on the issues and his job performance. Especially when his opponent is white! That’s just crazy talk to a Republican. Haven’t they just spent four years telling the country that he’s “foreign” with a MUSLIM middle name and what is almost a totally for sure phony birth certificate? Obviously liberals (and Colin Powell) are only voting for him because he’s black and looks like a skinny little crackhead or maybe a monkey. And because lazy, shiftless black people want free stuff.

But don’t you DARE call Republicans racist! That’s discrimination.

You damn welfare queens.

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