Ed Asner Asks To Demonstrate Trickle Down Economics

Ed Asner, is best known by many as the tough yet kind boss of Mary Tyler Moore, from the 1970’s TV show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show. In more recent years, some know him as a member of the Campaign for Peace and Democracy and Democratic Socialists of America.  More have come to know his political leanings in recent days from a video that he narrated. Apparently Fox News wasn’t pleased with a certain portion that demonstrated, in the most basic of ways, trickle down economics.

The video was put out by the California Federation of Teachers. Its purpose was to demonstrate how the rich have been accumulating unprecedented wealth, and how this has contributed to the break down of the economy, making many ordinary people feeling jilted. There is one short segment where the scene goes from PG to PG13. There is a depiction of a rich man urinating on a group of poor people. Although crude, it does seem to help the viewer understand that trickle down economics is not kind.

Although the entire video is nearly eight minutes long, Fox decided to focus on that tiny portion. They sent a producer to confront Asner as he was leaving a New York City theater where he was performing. The producer asked Asner about the trickle down segment, to which Asner admits that he doesn’t remember anything he said on it. When pushed more on it, Asner asked the producer whether or not he has any money. The producer replied “yes.” Asner then asked him if he could demonstrate trickle down economics on him. More specifically, Asner asks,

“Can I piss on you?”

The clip, which was featured on Fox’s Sean Hannity, seems to have caused Mr. Hannity some discomfort. His response:

“Pretty classy, Mr. Asner. I guess it’s true there’s really no business like show business.”

Since then, the original video has been edited without the yellow stream of trickle down economics. The link to the You Tube video results in a black screen with the remarks “This video is private.” You can watch the edited version here.

Even without that portion, the video still makes its point. We don’t need to see that portion; we all know what trickle down economics feels like.